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At the ASI.

All these people complaining that they;ll have to turn the heating down because of fuel price rises. Shows that a carbon tax would work, dunnit?

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  1. Yes, there is no surer way to impoverish a nation than to impose a carbon tax. A very strange thing to be in favour of, indeed.

    All I can really come up with is the idea that people don’t like something so simple as a solution.

    That, or they don’t want the entire economy ruined, or something.

  2. As all your commentators rightly pointed out, it’s a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist and moreover

    “…when you add up the extra fuel duty from the escalator, landfill tax, air passenger duty and so on, we’re already paying such an amount in those emissions taxes.”

    Landfill Tax (imposed by the EU) is the reason these thieving bastards at the council give for not collecting the bins every week. I have been stockpiling piano wire and choosing lamposts for when the revolution comes.

    And any way, what’s the point of making poor people poorer ?

  3. As an academic solution to an academic problem, then, yes it’s fine, and provided that the solution operates world wide (the academic problem is for the planet as a whole).

    Back on planet earth…

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