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At the ASI.

Why the Modern Slavery Bill is going to be absolutely appalling law.

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  1. Or, as a slightly lesser affront to liberty, just add define Maoist (and Trot) communes (use the existing Homes in Multiple Occupation definition) as gangs under s(3)(1) of the Gangmaster (Licencing) Act 2004?

    Okay, being commies, you’d have to stretch the definition of “work” a little bit, but those demo banners aren’t going to mis-spell themselves 🙂

  2. Tim,

    The problem is, the UN definition you applaud is the same as the one being used by the activists, police and Theresa May.

    The whole thing is running at the tranzi level anyway; as with public health and all that. Then it just gets translated into local legal systems at the national level in ways appropriate to that local governmental system. Same as, say, anti-smoker law.

    This has already all been decided about by people “networking” in the smokefree rooms of the technocracy. What we’re seeing now is the next phase in which it is sold to national populations as apparently spontaneous synchronicity. Indeed, part of the “sell” is to say, “well, we must do X because, lots of other countries also think it’s a problem and are legislating” (see, again, the smoking template) when in fact it’s all being coordinated internationally.

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