Viagra’s not supposed to make men happy you idiots!

Viagra doesn’t make men happy, study finds

It’s supposed to make women happy…..

8 thoughts on “Viagra’s not supposed to make men happy you idiots!”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    It is supposed to make women happy? I have trouble seeing that. Among the elderly, it won’t be the women who are most upset at not being able to get it up. A man’s failure as a man is a big deal to most men. I doubt many of the older female population have much of an on-going interest in sex anyway.

  2. Why is anyone surprised? It solves the physical problem – it gives you an erection, but doesn’t solve the psychological problem of a lack of desire.

  3. As one gets older, lack of desire is a benefit not a problem. I often think of the women I could have (deservingly) booted into touch when I was younger had it not been for desire. I would be both wealthier and happier today had I done so. What is needed is a drug to reduce or even abolish desire rather than recover or enhance it. Peace of mind and serenity are where it’s really at.

  4. ” I doubt many of the older female population have much of an on-going interest in sex anyway.”
    Er… How old are you, SMfS? Not had much to do with women with a few miles on the clock, yet? They don’t call em cougars because they purr & leave fur on the carpet.

  5. Well, there seems to be a lot of jumping to conclusions with this, but it is not unreasonable to think that an inability attain an unaided erection would have negative psychological impact. Virility is pretty central to male self esteem.

    A possibly strange analogy; a person with a naturally beautiful singing voice, versus one who needs autotune. The first person will have more positive emotions from knowing they’re a great singer. The second one may, with artificial assistance, get as good an outcome, but will feel less good about it because they couldn’t achieve it without artificial assistance.

    Male sexuality is no more just about the act than female sexuality is. In terms of self-confidence, the two quite distinct capacities- firstly, the ability to attract females and secondly, the ability to get a good review of sexual performance- seem to me to be pretty crucial to male esteem, both self-esteem and esteem from others. So, being able to achieve either only by “cheating” is not going to have the same effect as achieving them “entirely naturally”. Just as a woman with a great rack will get more confidence from it than a woman who only gets the same admiring looks thanks to a wonderbra.

  6. Not sure if you’ve got it there ian. Lass with a naff rack buys herself a new rack. Now she’s smiles all over because, whilst her naturally endowed sisters’ delights are headed in the direction of their knees,, she’ll still be perky when she’s test driving her first zimmer frame..
    But, as i said originally, what d’y expect if they’re surveying the miniscule number of men take the things for medicinal purposes. Where’s their control group? If the reason they can’t get a stiffy is they’re miserable bastards, then now they’re miserable bastards with a trouser tent. Not something you’d want if there’s a wife with a face like a goat waiting at home. Has anyone inquired who’s idea it was they took them?

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