Watch the media run away if….

“We believe that two of the victims met the male suspect in London through a shared political ideology, and that they lived together at an address that you could effectively call a ‘collective’,” he said.

“Somehow that collective came to an end and how the women ended up continuing to live with the suspects.

It turns out there’s any form of socialism in that cult…..

13 thoughts on “Watch the media run away if….”

  1. I thought they had already done a great job of moving the story on, to one about trafficking which has dominated the last two days reporting. Not really been able to see the trafficking angle myself though it appears to be “caring” people making the story what they want it to be.

  2. “The Sunday Times says it was a Marxist commune.”

    Did Ralph Miliband have anything to do with it in its early days? He hated Britain, you know.

  3. So, more proof that the eventual outcome of marxism is always slavery 🙂

    Still, at least now we know why the strange timescale of this. The women apparently just wanted help from the charity to leave and stated they didn’t want any court cases or anything. Since then, they’ve been banged up in a (“secure”?) facility, being worked over by counsellors and the police, to push them into agreeing to bring criminal charges and construct this “slavery” narrative. Once the crusaders got to that point, they were able to organise this press launch and media blitz.

    The purpose of it all being to enable the next tranche of “anti-trafficking” legislation which, presumably, will include the final prohibition of prostitution which is the driver underneath the whole new slavery panic (as it is the old White Slave Panic rebranded).

    Note in this-

    Theresa May, the Home Secretary, writing for The Telegraph, warned that slavery was now widespread in modern Britain in places including nail bars.

    Yes, it’s the Vietnamese Nail Bars again.

    You’d think if they know so much about these Vietnamese Nail Bars, they’d be bringing some prosecutions in that sphere; instead we have apparently the entire “anti-trafficking unit” working a bunch of elderly marxists who haven’t “trafficked” anybody anywhere, unless that includes moving from one council flat to another. The idea then is to use this weird, black swan situation to drive the legislation through that will allow arbitrary raiding of homes and premises and label anyone the State disapproves of as either a “victim” (who can then be whisked off to secure detention and worked over by crusaders until they’re on message) or a “trafficker/slaver”.

  4. Slave owners seen pushing an able bodied slave in a wheelchair.

    Weird behaviour but they don’t seem to have quite grasped the meaning of slavery.

  5. “However the occupants had gone to some lengths to maintain their privacy, not registering on the electoral roll and keeping their windows covered by net curtains”

    What’s it coming to when having net curtains is equated with being suspiciously private? I’m quite sure my grandmother didn’t keep any house slaves and she wouldn’t have dreamed of not having net curtains up.

  6. Hell, I have net curtains. Means I can get up to the fridge in the middle of the night without unduly perturbing the neighbours.

  7. Noble cause corruption?

    Of course, as I recite the sky fairy’s prayer tonight when I put the kids to bed I will reflect that as teenagers they will consider themselves slaves as soon as they are asked to tidy their room, do their homework, empty the dishwasher… and that I might be brainwashing them.

  8. The Telegraph is calling them communists and even the guardian is saying they were far left. The slavery narrative crumbles.

  9. Apart from a very small smile at a bunch of aging commies finally coming to find out what the fucking state is really all about, this morass of twaddle does seem to be being twisted to serve the trafficking hysteria.
    That vile slag Theresa May seems up to her fat arse in all this nonsense. Indeed, emboldened by their success with the Yewtree shite, the femmiscum (Yewtree itself/trafficking/and the anti-porn bollocks camoron is peddling) seem now to be the cutting edge of tyranny in this country. At the moment more active and more dangerous than the EU.

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