Well, yes Sir Terry

Sir Terry Wogan has said female presenters use their looks to get the best jobs on TV and should not complain when they do not get offered work later in their careers.

The Radio 2 DJ said ‘lovelies’ like Holly Willoughby and Tess Daly are at risk of being replaced on the highest-rated programmes once their looks deteriorate.

But the 75-year-old insists they have no right to be angry because they used their beauty to land the jobs in the first place.

Seems like a statement of the bleedin’ obvious really.

If we were to see young ugly women doing the presenting jobs then te idea would have less force. But as we don’t we can feel fairly safe in concluding that looks do indeed have something to do with who gets the job. And if looks do then when looks fade…..

4 thoughts on “Well, yes Sir Terry”

  1. But, not only ignoring the bleeding obvious themselves but demanding (often with menaces) that the rest of us cannot even glance in the direction of the bleeding obvious is the standard tactic of the various “victimhood poker” stakes pressure groups.

    Viz Muslim groups re terrorism and gay pressure groups re orthodox Christianity.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “I don’t think attractive women fallen on hard times looks-wise are going to get very far as a victim group.”

    I don’t know. It depends how many people would still want to bang them doesn’t it? I mean Jenny Agutter has, to be a little crude, seen better days. But I would. Still. Not only for the old days. And if she asked me to sign a petition against a lot of things, I would probably sign.

    I think Old Terry needs to say so much more often. Because it annoys the right sort of people. Who can’t stand the idea that a wrinkly old man is still a mild sex symbol. And a 30 year old woman isn’t as much as she used to be and soon won’t be at all.

  3. The bit that interests me is that he’s quite deliberately contrasting with Clare Balding who didn’t get the job on the basis of her looks in the first place.

    The danger with that is that we end up with a rule that only ordinary-looking women are allowed to get old

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