What a super phrase

Time stands still for no one but it made an exception for Jonny Wilkinson 10 years ago on Friday. How long did that drop goal seem to hang in the Sydney night sky, lazily spinning end over end, bound for its momentous destination? Everything was in slow motion, the stadium tableau like something out of an HM Bateman cartoon entitled: “The Man Who Pissed In The Vegemite”.

5 thoughts on “What a super phrase”

  1. well I was on tenterhooks, especially considering how many pots at goal JW had missed uring the match. Not many people seem to recall how astray his kicking was during that game.

  2. Oh yes, I remember the tv commentator like yesterday –

    “Jonny’s in the pocket, Jonny’s in the pocket”.

    It was well won by true champions.

    To win the world cup against the ozzies in the ozzie national stadium, one to remember.

    Its nice to win a football sometimes, even if only a minority code.

    In the other code, the germans seemed very much better than us on Tuesday night in our national stadium, we gave complete passion, total effort, and didn’t force a single save from their goalie. They took one of their few chances. We could have got beat 3-0.

  3. England were worthy champions, and I say that as a Welshman. They were the best team in the tournament.

    But regarding the drop kick, personally I thought Elton Flatley’s last minute kick from the touchline to send the game into extra time was far more impressive.

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