German politician Peer Steinbrück – one of the fiercest critics of Ireland’s tax regime – used Irish letter box companies when finance minister to try to balance the German budget through financial engineering.

They stuck the pensions contributions into Irish companies which they then lent to Dexia bank which then went bust…..

Just too, too superb.

9 thoughts on “Ahahahahahaha”

  1. Tim, stop being such a prat

    Many people who are critical of Ireland have set up companies or other entities in the country purely for tax purposes, or for exotic accounting practices, myself included

    How else do you think we know that people who behave unethically use places for unethical purposes?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    So to paraphrase an old comment about WW1, were they hiding the money from the German public, from their EU or from themselves?

  3. English has no word for Schadenfreude.

    In the interests of harmonisation and greater unity between member states perhaps the European Commission should regulate in matters of language.

  4. “English has no word for Schadenfreude.” – do we not say schadenfreude?

    Yes we do. It’s a loan word in the jargon.

  5. The beauty of the English language is that we can just adopt a foreign word that suits our purposes. So the English word for Shadenfreude is Shadenfreud. We have done this for years: verandah, kangaroo, veneer, commodore etc etc. Not like those stupid French with thier magnetoscopes blah blah blah.

    This story would be perfect if Goldman Sachs were involved. Were they?

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