An interesting Christmas lunch

So, yesterday morning I scribbled a little piece at Forbes gently mocking David Cameron’s porn blocker. Noting that it blocking Claire Perry’s site was a better joke than I was likely to get out of a cracker later in the day.

In between my sitting down to the soup and my nipping out for a fag after the second plate of turkey that got picked up by Reddit. Leading to 300,000 people reading that little post while I was having my lunch. Given that I am paid there by traffic that’s a couple of thousand £s. Which is a nice little Christmas present when you think about it.

Yes, lunch was indeed good and festive as well…..

3 thoughts on “An interesting Christmas lunch”

  1. A couple of eightieths of the way to safeguarding your place in the “hegemonic middle”.

    Nice of David Cameron to give you a present like that, don’t you think?

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