Cameron is a bit dim at times

Migrants from poor countries that join the European Union should be banned from moving to Britain, David Cameron has suggested.

The Prime Minister said unrestricted immigration should only be allowed from countries that have a similar level of wealth to the UK.

Not something
the UK gets to decide that, is it?

And it’s entirely irrelevant anyway. It would only apply to new entrants and thus not to Romania and Bulgaria, which is what everyone is worrying about. And until the Ukraine comes in in 2040 or whatever there’s only going to be a couple of Balkan scrap joining anyway.

6 thoughts on “Cameron is a bit dim at times”

  1. It’s entirely irrelevant anyway. Ukrainians will be Romanians or Bulgarians. Most likely the latter because of the cyrillics. It’s Romania & Bulgaria we’re talking about FFS

  2. Tim is attempting to lock the stable door after Camoron has bolted on Rebekah’s horse.

    Seriously, the “at times” in the title of this piece is just so wrong.

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