Is there nothing duct tape cannot do?

Such as allow the crippled to surf?

How does a woman who has lost the use of her legs get to enjoy the thrill of surfing when she cannot stand up on the surfboard?

Pascale Honore, 50, whose dreams of learning to surf were left in tatters after a car accident 18 years ago, has found a way with the help of one of her son’s friends – by duct taping herself to his back.

4 thoughts on “Is there nothing duct tape cannot do?”

  1. Questions from Tim we can easily answer.


    Ask any sailor or squaddie and they’ll tell you its the only thing you need.

  2. Not quite, the actual answer is…

    If it moves and it shouldn’t – duct tape.
    If it doesn’t move and it should – WD40.

  3. If it doesn’t move and it shouldn’t – paint it.
    If it does move and it should – tidy it away.

  4. If it moves – polish it.
    If it doesn’t move – paint it.
    If it doesn’t move, and looks as if it should – salute and call it ‘Sir’.

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