Laurie Penny wants to tell us something

It’s very important as well. I just wish I knew what it was.

We are the fools, if we believe that accepting aggressive distinctions between nice, safe western sexism and scary, heathen Muslim sexism is going to serve the interests of women. The people making these arguments don’t care about women. They care about stoking controversy, attacking Muslims and shouting down feminists of all stripes.

For decades, western men have hijacked the language of women’s liberation to justify their Islamophobia. If we care about the future of feminism, we cannot let them set the agenda.

As far as I can tell it’s that Laurie is a very brave woman for fighting about the white, western, patriarchy that insists that she is sexually, legally, and economically free to fail or succeed as she wishes and we’re all the most horrible bastards for pointing out that women in any forms of Islam are not sexually, legally or economically free.

Really, complete and horrible bastards for it takes away from the bravery of Laurie’s stance. At least I think that’s what is being said. Difficult to understand her point.

It’s either that or the gender pay gap is exactly the same thing as a clitorectomy.

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  1. I think it is that white middle class men thinking that some Islamic customs are a bit of a bastard for women is no excuse for being part of the Edwardian male patriarchy.

    Oh, and that sex discrimination in private clubs (especially Old Etonian ones) is of much more concern than sex discrimination in public at Universities. I think ..

    Oh, and that anybody who disagrees with her is in the BNP or the EDL.

  2. That article is the most racist and sexist screed I have read in a major newspaper for many a long year.

    If the race she was attacking was anything other than ‘white’ and the sex she was attacking anything other than ‘men’, it would never have been published. Indeed it would probably be illegal.

    Its clear what the article is about – everything is the fault of white men.

    Laurie Penny makes Enoch Powell look like a moderate, not an easy feat.

  3. “…aggressive distinctions between nice, safe western sexism and scary, heathen Muslim sexism…”

    Western sexism = wolf whistling, a bum-pinch (if I’m lucky), holding a door open for me

    Muslim sexism = stoning, forced marriage, shariah law

    Hmmm, you’re right babes, it’s a tough one…

  4. It’s just rambling socialist bullshit.

    Does the Guardian carry job adverts for jobs at the Guardian?. I want a job there cause I can think up parodies of leftist bullshit articles and send them in as “real” articles.

  5. Brig. C Farnbsbarns (Retd)

    I’m annoyed by what she said about Lord Cromer.

    Chap’s a hero. Single-handedly turned Egypt from a basket-case Ottoman province into a modern state ( of course all spoilt by that Nasser fellow ).

  6. Ironman, just threaten women with stoning if they don’t stand meekly opening the door for you instead, dressed head to toe in a black sheet, and walk a suitable distance behind you, then you’ll be truly non-sexist.

    Or something like that apparently………who knew it was so easy for a man to be a feminist?

  7. Surreptitious Evil

    “…white middle class men thinking that some Islamic customs are a bit of a bastard for women is no excuse for…”

    Maybe she thinks we’re beyond redemption, which makes her a great steaming sexist – although only men can be sexists of course.

    However, she might be hinting at something else here, something which may bear some examination. She may be saying that white middle class men are, consciously or unconsciously, co-opting the language of feminism to attack Islamism, even though they are not our true colours. As a British lefty she should know: there any number of marxists using other British notions as a cover for what they are really doing; James Delinpole’s watermelons come immediately to mind. As well as evironmentalists we have the charity sector, overeas aid organisations that now campaign more or less full time for a Labour victory. In the Catholic Chruch in England (and Scotland I believe) there are all sorts of groups such as the Catholic Justice and Peace group, which should really be called Marxist and Peace and of course there is CAFOD. Again, the “Catholic” is a lovely nice front for what is essentially the George Galloway fan club.

    So in Laurie’s world what she is suggesting is perfectly normal.

    P.S. I recognise I am beginning to turn into a bit of a “Reds Under the Beds”.

  8. A mate of mine was at teacher training college in Eltham in the 1980s with a Rasta called, improbably, Leroy. Leroy was a good lad but highly sexist; it was amusing on the occasions I went down there for parties etc to see how discombobulated by him were the wimmyn on his course. No idea how to deal with his overt and casual misogyny. It was my first insight, being from a sheltered Tory, public school, background, into the twisted hierarchy of leftism.

    I thought for a long while that people like Laurie Penny would founder on their own contradictions in this way, but then I hadn’t read my Kafka at that point.

    Ultimately, black is white (excuse the pun) if it furthers the cause.

    Once white men are defeated, they think either that they will defeat Islam or that Islam will moderate itself.

    Because their own views are not based in any truth, they think the whole thing of Islam is a charade, got up for more earthly, geopolitical ends (or misreported by the western media) and that they aren’t really serious.

    A big part of me would like to see Laurie Penny find out that this is not the case, but as I have daughters I will end up having to fight on Penny’s behalf. At least she’ll be grateful.

  9. It’s rather simple.. an infinitesimally small number of angry racists have chosen to use the oppression of women under islam as a cover story. Therefore something something something incoherent blah blah you can have an opinion or a penis but you can’t have both blah blah patriarchy.

  10. Pay no attention to the bearded man honour-killing his daughter behind the curtain!

    Focus on the awful white chap ogling Page 3 girls instead!

  11. @Steve: the awful white bloke ogling page three girls who probably earn more money than he does, no less. Such dreadful exploitation.

  12. Jim – plus, criticising the pink-cheeked white van man won’t leave you open to death threats, being prosecuted for racism, or being blacklisted by the Guardian and the BBC.

    You can preen your daring, radical pretensions without suffering any personal or professional penalty. Quite the contrary in fact.

  13. Someone senior at the Grauniad must have a deeply misogynistic streak that he keeps asking such stupid and ignorant women to make fools of themselves in public.

  14. It’s simply an example of reacting to cognitive dissonance. As a feminist, Penny opposes the subjugation of women. As a leftist liberal, she supports unrestricted immigration, including those whose religious beliefs support the subjugation of women. Having been presented with her own double standards, Penny shoots the messenger, predictably ranting against racist patriarchal white men, instead of admitting that she hasn’t really thought her position through.

  15. The Student Rights lot have trespassed on sacred territory, and the feminist framing must not be allowed to slip.

    Were it to slip, there would be no living to be made.

  16. This cognitive dissonance or inability to square the circle of Leftist victimology is sufficiently well-recognised as to have coined (natch) a buzzword: intersectionality. When you’re playing one of those games of Marxoid Top Trumps that keep Penny Dreadful from having to live under a bridge, you’re free to wave away awful things done by designated victim groups. It’s a cop-out, of course, and so intellectually vapid as to forfeit any claim on serious consideration, but it serves the purpose: the only way to insulate oneself from cognitive dissonance is epistemic closure. Grauniad opinion columns are written by, for and on behalf of the people who take Grauniad opinion columns seriously. Their function is not to enlighten but to affirm.

  17. [pendant]Tsk tsk, Tim, “gender”?

    Nouns have gender, people have sex.

    Either that or it was enlightened satire.[/pendant]

  18. “@ dearieme
    Laurie Penny cannot claim the excuse of stupidity and ignorance.”

    Whenever was a university education a bar to stupidity & ignorance?
    Look at the front benches of the HoC for a start.

  19. @ bis
    When I was young each of ignorance and stupidity was a bar to university education. One had to pass real exams in order to be allowed to apply.
    “Look at the front benches of the HoC for a start.” The lady doth protest too much. methinks. Cameron, Osborne and Ed Balls, whose parents paid for their education, and Ed M who got into Oxford because his father was a Marxist academic, are only relatively stupid.

  20. So Much For Subtlety

    Interested – “A big part of me would like to see Laurie Penny find out that this is not the case, but as I have daughters I will end up having to fight on Penny’s behalf. At least she’ll be grateful.”

    A third of all children born last year in the UK were born to at least one foreign parent. I think you and your daughters will live to see this fight. Which you will lose. Sharia has a better chance of being implemented in Britain than anything Penny wants.

    But it is nice of her to continue demonstrating the failure of Care in the Community.

  21. Well, she does technically have a point in that domestic issues are unrelated to foreign ones.

    Also, it is safe to say that most people who attack Islam don’t really care about Muslims women anymore than they care about Muslims men.

    During the invasion of Afghanistan many justifies that war partly on saving women, ignoring that women were being killed by the same bombs killing men.

    I think all should mind their bown business. If people in the West don’t like Muslims telling them how Western women should dress surely Westerners don’t have a right to tell Muslim women how they should dress.

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