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My word this is an incredible surprise

A pre-op transsexual locked up in a women’s jail for a savage torture-killing has been moved to a different prison after claims he was having sex with female inmates.

Murderer Paris Green, 22, who was previously known as Peter Laing, was allowed to serve his 18-year sentence in Cornton Vale women’s prison, in Stirling, because he says he is transgendered.

But today it emerged he has been moved amid suspicions that he was involved in casual-sex relationships with other convicts there.

Isn’t that just an unbelievable story? My word so it is.

13 thoughts on “My word this is an incredible surprise”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    But today it emerged he has been moved amid suspicions that he was involved in casual-sex relationships with other convicts there.

    I find it a bit surprising that he was having casual sex with anyone. Call me naive and unable to understand the female psyche, but I am not sure I could imagine having *casual* sex with a torturer/murderer

    Moved where? To a different sort of prison where he can have a different sort of casual sex? And if they removed all the people have casual sex in a women’s prison, I doubt there would be anyone left. At least that is what I would assume after a life time of watching in-depth psychological studies of women in prison like Caged Heat ….

  2. I could barely stop laughing into the cornflakes.

    Scottish prison, so you’d have thought that they would have spotted “Long Peter” would have had ideas in that line…

  3. We cater for every conceivable daftness out of respect for people’s rights and have no conception of how stupid we look or how aberrant the consequences.

  4. SMFS, you are naïve and unable to understand the female psyche.

    Murderers are powerful people. Power is a powerful leg-opener. Money is too. On average of course, there is a spectrum of responses and many attributes contribute to the decision to open legs or not. But to deny that things like this count is naïve.

  5. For the purposes of prison ward assignment, how should male gender be determined?
    1. Presence of dangly bits at birth
    2. Presence of Y chromosome in DNA
    3. Sleeps with women

    The Scottish jailers have, by their actions, declared the third criterion to be necessary; should we therefore also put lesbians in men’s prisons?

  6. Andrew M-

    Something we might term “the shower room problem”. If gender segregation is intended to prevent indignity inflicted by sexual prurience, the only logical conclusion is to put gays and lesbians in their own separate facilities (showers, toilets, etc). If it isn’t, it’s mystifying as to what the purpose of segregation actually is.

  7. True story.

    Only ever had to do one client visit in Cornton Vale, in 1993. Sitting in the waiting room, a piece of music that seemed strangely familiar started coming over the loudspeaker.

    It was the theme tune from ‘Prisoner Cell Block H’.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Ian B – “So, he’s a lesbian then…”

    I hope that is said ironically. He is genetically male. He is physically male. He simply says that he is not.

    The science is settled. He is male. Anyone who says otherwise has no right to mock people for believing in the Virgin Birth or Invisible Pink Unicorns or anything else.

  9. All I remember from my limited exposure to the prison system (as a lawyer not an inmate) is the general rule in male prisons that “your not gay if you give it”. Not a rule that I live by personally but it seems to work for some in the big house.

    I am also aware of a case where a “post op” transexual caused a great deal of difficulty in a female prison because (s)he was physically very strong on account of being genetically male and pumping weights and had quite violent tendencies. Caused no end of problem as couldn’t be transferred to a male prison and couldn’t really be properly managed in a female one. Can’t remember the outcome but it was quite a conundrum at the time.

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