Now this is a surprise

Ed Miliband’s plans to force energy companies to freeze bills would deter other firms from investing in more Britain’s power stations, the head of the world’s most influential economic group has warned.

Angel Gurria, the secretary-general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, said a freeze on customer energy bills would deter investors at a time when Britain needs more energy infrastructure.

It’s not going to stop the economically incompetent advocating it but still, ice to see it being said out loud.

5 thoughts on “Now this is a surprise”

  1. Caroline Flint has just been on the radio claiming that it its only a temporarily freeze.

    Meanwhile in other news flying pigs spotted over London.

  2. Honestly every time I think we’ve reached the nadir of the left’s fucking stupidity, they out-do themselves.

    So not content with having managed the build of zero, fuck-all, nada, zip, new generation capacity and at the same time signed the ludicrous Climate Change Act, they then go and make statements like this to fuck up any else’s chances.

    This cannot just be stupidity. They genuinely want to cause a crisis….

  3. We are getting plenty of infrastructure, as deemed appropriate by our betters. The problem is that it is the wrong kind. Lots of wind and extra branches on the national grid to pipe it through, smart meters on the rise and short term operating reserves (standby generators and localised demand management schemes) being built. All sounds good on paper but it is expensive, massively variable and driven by the goal of reaching 20% renewable energy and lowering our CO2 emissions by 2020.

    The lights will probably stay on but we will be paying through the nose to do it. New coal power stations, even with the proposed levels of carbon taxes, would likely be cheaper and definitely be reliable but wouldn’t achieve the renewable and emissions targets.

  4. Richard Nixon put price controls on gasoline/petrol in 1973. Quickly, stations went to 5 gallon limits on purchases, and lines formed around the block. It took 15 minutes to 2 hours to get 5 gallons.

    I can assure you that having gas at $3 a gallon is far superior to having no gas at $1 a gallon.

    Price controls WILL bring shortages.

  5. How do the leftists reconcile their claim of being “the party of science” with ignoring the advice of experts whenever it suits them?

    Oh yeah – by insisting that anyone who disagrees with them is financially motivated. Silly me.

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