Paul Collier gets the KB

So it’s Sir Paul Collier now.

“For services to promoting research and policy change in Africa.”

That’ll nicely piss off Jeff Sachs.

Another interesting one:

Michael Anderson. Prime Minister’s Envoy on UN Development Goals, Department for International Development. For services to International Development. (Brighton, East Sussex)

Commander of the Bath there. And while it is indeed true that those UN development goals have been met, and in the case of poverty levels met early and surpassed, it’s been absolutely sod all to do with what any government aid has done. Still, baubles for those who can claim success, eh?

And look who gets an OBE?

Mrs Catherine Mary Court. Co-founder, For services to Families. (Hertfordshire)

11 thoughts on “Paul Collier gets the KB”

  1. Sorry, but it’s an absolute mystery to me why anyone would want their reputation sullied by being associated with any of these political fixers, arse crawlers & bandwagon riders. It’s a tragedy there’s actually some decent people occasionally get caught up in it.

  2. I need to avoid reading the NY honours list, otherwise the children, who are in earshot, will be going around faithfully repeating “for fuck’s sake” all day.

  3. Read the BEMs and MBEs; get down to that level and they’re mostly ordinary people who’ve done good things in their area.

    I wish they did full citations for more than just the knighthoods; there’s a bunch of police medals gone to sergeants and constables who’d be well worth reading about. These aren’t the “for valour” medals, so they’re probably for catching criminals – there’s one that I think is for getting the scrote that killed Anuj Bidve. Anyone who gets the nickname “Psycho” while living in Salford is someone who I’m glad is off the streets for 30 years.

  4. Knights Bachelor do not get any post-nominal letters, which is why foreigners, baronets and lords (who cannot use the Sir before their names) get a KBE instead.

  5. I’m rather pleased the Netmums founders got OBEs – that’ll be three that didn’t end up being given to the founders of the mammary militia, Mumsnet.

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