There was a time when the Daily Mail knew these things

But then Danish leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt, 46, who dragged Barack Obama and David Cameron into that embarrassing ‘selfie’, is not a typical head of state, not by British standards anyway.

She’s not a head of state is she? And absent a revolution never will be.

6 thoughts on “There was a time when the Daily Mail knew these things”

  1. And they didn’t say she is either, did they? They said “She’s not a typical head of state,not by British standards anyway.”

    You could say the same about you or me.

    Sorry, but I’m feeling germanically pedantic this morning.

  2. Selfie? Great, now Britain is speaking like retarded Australians. Sometimes I think the French have the right idea when it comes to approving new words officially. It stops every other word being shortened to one syllable plus an -ie or -o.

  3. I’ll repeat yesterday’s comment:
    “The two assoles bookending the blonde for the trophy snap. Standard nightclub fare. Ms Denmark should keep better company.”
    And add:
    Because they’ll hang you out to dry come damage limitation time.

    And I’ll stand by my opinion of Barry, as well.
    Him an’ his mate Dave have the behaviour typical of their backgrounds. Arrogant,selfish thugs. Boy from the hood. Boy from the playing fields. Gangsters the pair.

  4. She’s not much of a looker anyway. Mind you, I am glad iDave and the Lightbringer are getting heat for this.

  5. Tim you are right, She and Cameron are Heads of Government, Obama on the other hand is a Head of State and also I think head of Government under the congressional model – not that familiar with US consititutional law but the President is the head of the administrative arm of the State so that must make him head of government as well I suspect.

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Her Majesty Queen Mararethe are the respective Heads of State.

    But these are mere details for journalists I’m sure.

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