These people are mad aren’t they?

The New York City Council has voted to add electronic cigarettes to the city’s strict smoking ban.


City Council speaker, Christine Quinn, who sponsored the bill, said at a press conference on Thursday that the public use of e-cigarettes threatens to undermine enforcement of anti-smoking laws because their appearance is similar to traditional cigarettes and could “re-normalize smoking in public places.”

Next up NYC will ban the drinking of apple juice in public because it looks like white wine.

20 thoughts on “These people are mad aren’t they?”

  1. And coming to a country near you soon.
    Only yourselves to blame, though. Whilst you give in to these fascists without a murmur they’ll continue to take & hold ground.

    Hosted a dinner party before abandoning the UK as a lost cause. Got to coffee stage & various people produced packets of cigarettes. Woman came with one of the guests pipes up. ” I would rather you didn’t smoke. I don’t like breathing your smoke.”
    “Fair enough,” sez I. “You can go in the garden.”
    Oh we did a red faced temper tantrum.
    But FFS. What did she expect?

  2. The mad men are definitely ruining the country.

    Another area where the puritans think they know best and want to control things is with pay day loans. They are getting so desperate about banning advertising for them that they say that children being able to see them makes them think that money is easy to get and they will then pester their parents to get a loan to buy the presents they need. So even though Wonga (the good guys) say they don’t advertise on children’s channels or around children’s programmes the puritans are still demanding that all pay day loan adverts must be banned. Some nannying fussbuckets have managed to do that inside councils where the council won’t take adverts from the payday loan companies.

  3. SBML

    Thereby screwing the people who need the loan. It must be that they can’t work out that it’s bad for them.

    My dear father used to volunteer (unpaid logically, the only way it could work) in a credit union. Lovely, but no substitute for the Wonga’s of this world.

  4. Interesting to see what would happen if I wandered around New York with my, unlit, pipe hanging out of my mouth.

    Would that force them to make that an offence as well?

    The mere POSSESSION of an uncovered smoking impliment?

    And what about white pens? Or even a couple of pieces of dowling, painted white?

    You could drve them MAD….DER.

  5. XX I would rather you didn’t smoke. I don’t like breathing your smoke.”
    “Fair enough,” sez I. “You can go in the garden.” XX

    Wrong answer laddie!

    Should read;

    “Fuck RIGHT off sweetie, NO bastard tell me how things are done in MY house! You don’t like it, you know where the bloody door is. Make sure it does not hit you in the arse on the way out!”

  6. Not necessarily mad, but fanatics. Fanatics often end up in charge because they are the only ones with the motivation to plough through the years and years of fighting and politicking needed to get near to power. Most normal people simply get on with living.

    It is very hard to prevent them getting power, even with a functioning free media which can expose their craziness. The only real way is to remove the instruments of power themselves. So instead of, say, a Department of Education which has been captured by fanatics and drives the entire education system, have no department, just thousands of individual schools. They can’t capture them all.

  7. Dear Mr Worstall

    How about just bored, bored, bored?

    They have nothing else to do except make up new and stupider rules and regulations, poor things.


  8. But then, perhaps Ms Quinn should be re-normalised.

    Anyroadup, what she really means is, “You’re taking the piss and I won’t stand for it.”

  9. @ SBML

    I read recently of a council (possibly my own) boasting of how they’d blocked payday loan websites on all council computers.. including ‘public’ ones in libraries.

    No dangerous precedent being set there, then.

  10. this safe thing is a safer alternative to this dangerous thing so we must ban this safe thing so that people won’t do this safe thing and they’ll do the dangerous thing instead so they won’t do the dangerous thing and

  11. Totally off topic but:
    I’ve taken up the e-cig myself. Not through any sense of repentance but an attempt to be able to scale the 200m to chez moi without oxygen. I hailed to the shop sells the requisites & found they were shut 14:00-17:00 in the customary Spanish manner. Now I know the woman who owns it was bitchin’ about having to compete against the 3 other places sell the stuff in the area & the lack of trade. So pointed out, if you want to sell an impulse purchase item, wouldn’t it be a good idea to be open when other people are out taking their lunch break & likely to come in & buy one? Got a totally blank look.
    And you wonder the Spanish economy’s completely f***ed?

  12. Of course, there’s plenty of ecigs around that look nothing like cigarettes. Funny how they seem to be ignored in favour of a blanket ban…

  13. They don’t want to help people stop smoking, they just want to tell them what to do-it’s as simple as that.

  14. Smoking isn’t banned because of the smoke, it’s banned to give a kick ina fork to smokers. Once you understand that it all makes perfect sense.

    Ditto fox hunting etc. etc.

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