This is a bit of a social change, isn’t it?

Much of the custom comes from France where official attitudes to prostitution are not as relaxed as in Germany

I don’t think we would have put it that way a century ago…..or even 50 years ago, would we?

And does anyone think this number is correct?

But prostitute activist groups representing many of the 400,000 registered hookers in the country,

There’s 80 million Germans, 50% are female (about) so one in 100 in the country is a tart? And each will need (in order to stay in the trade at least) three or four punters a day or 20 a week. Are we really sure that 20% of German men shag a tart once a week?

I suppose these numbers are possible but I’m really not sure….

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  1. The legislation outlawed french brothels was 1950s. So 50 years, certainly.

    There is something profoundly weird about the German attitude to sex. Way back in the 70s I was waiting for a train in Cologne & went into a bar near the station to pass the time. Brightly lit, non assuming sort of place. Could have passed as the saloon bar of any suburban British pub. So could the customers. Mostly middle-aged couples & groups sitting chatting.
    Then, for no particular reason, a projector started up & screen on one wall showed some of the heavies porn I’ve ever seen. No sound-track. Just the images. Ran for about 10 minutes. About half an hour later exactly the same happened.
    But none of the customers in the bar so much as glanced at it. Just carried on talking. When i left I looked back at the place, wondering if I’d inadvertently been in some sort of club. Just a bar like any other unless there was some clue in the German signage.
    Anyone live there can explain it?

  2. This is much the same as the Vietnamese nail bar story.
    What did we end up proving? One in 40 British women between ages 18 & 38 are Vietnamese hookers.

  3. Depends what registration means.

    There’s quite a lot of women who do it for a short period of time. It’s quite a popular activity for clearing personal debt – go into a massage parlour, screw some guys for a few weeks after work and your credit cards are sorted.

    There’s a statistic about women in porn – 47% of female porn performers have done 3 films or less. For a lot of performers it’s not really a career.

  4. It’s basically that thing of Anglosphere cultural hegemony again; the Western superpowers for over two centuries have been England and the USA. With the development of transnationalist systems, this has meant that Anglo “reform” movements have been enormously successful in exporting their Anglo social agenda beyond the Anglo heartland.

    Anglo Anglo Anglo, I’m using this word too much.

    If we think back a century to WWI, we find, for instance, the USA demanding that France shut down brothels near US military camps for social purity reasons, to much consternation from the French. In the intervening years, the Anglo social purity ideology has been steadily diffused into second rank western nations via transnationalist activity by the Turd Sector- feminists, etc. So now we see that reaching critical mass as Anglo social purity ideologies are enacted during this Second Wave.

    This comes back to my primary argument against the EU; we shouldn’t leave in order to protect ourselves from them. We should leave in order to protect them from us; and in so doing weaken the capacity of our own Third Sector to thrive at an international level, and thus intensify itself at home. The EU, UN and other tranzi bodies act as the primary means by which our own madnesses (excessive prudery, temperance, etc, the whole social purity package, plus the New Left package of race hysteria, homophobiaphobia, etc) are exported to these other nations.

    Particular nations with hegemony tend to act as a heartland of ruinous ideologies; the USSR for communism, Iran and Saudi for Islamismism, etc. The current big problem for the West is this thing whatever you want to call it, the synthesis of the progressives and post-marxists, political correctness or whatever label you prefer for this package of cultural terrorism. Whenever you see some crazed “public health” measure like a smoking ban, or sex hysteria like this, in some distant land, it is, in a national sense, Our Fault; the accursed form of social tyranny born out of Anglospheric puritanism.

  5. > Are we really sure that 20% of German men shag a tart once a week?

    Might want to factor in tourism, business travellers and, of course, the ports.

    Given that German has registered prostitutes, it would be interesting to look at their geographical distribution which, I suspect, may help to account for some of the numbers – a priori, I’d rather expect to see that the greatest concentrations of registered hookers would be associated with Germany’s major transport hubs.

    In fact, it does occur to me that this might prove to be quite a interesting piece of research given that the country has a very well organised and carefully planned transport system built around a hub and spoke model as one might well find that area population densities for prostitutes are more closely related to passenger throughput than resident population.

  6. Coincidentally, there’s one of these kraut places advertising on the free classified site here. Close to frontiers “Luxemburgo, Francia, Bélgica, Holanda” it says.
    And to give you some idea what total fantasy land most things in the business are. Couple more ads. One’s for chicas for a local “house”. Promises them 1500€ a week earnings. Other’s the same house, advertising services. 60€/hour. ‘House’ takes around 1/3 of that, operates 6 days a week. So she’d need to do just over 6 tricks a session to make the money. Sounds possible, doesn’t it? Unless you know the place only operates 14:00>24:00. And has 2 girls for every bedroom.
    It’s looking at stuff like this generates the impossible earnings, get discussed. In reality, average girl would be very lucky to make more than 100€/day

  7. “What did we end up proving? One in 40 British women between ages 18 & 38 are Vietnamese hookers.”

    There’s only 36 women on my office floor. Whew! Someone from downstairs office must be the Vietnamese hooker then…

  8. “There’s quite a lot of women who do it for a short period of time.”

    Yes, well, that’s a factor of having an older clientele, I guess, though you’d think the little blue pills would hel…

    What? Oh.

  9. Your maths are wrong. Even if it were the case that each prostitute required 20 performances per week, that does not necessarily equate to punters. It could be one guy!

    More to the point, not every prostitute is a street hooker. I doubt that Christine Keeler was doing 20 men a week.

  10. I’m fascinated by the disconnect between being told last week that there were only 44 registered prostitutes in Germany (being the sum total of people who had put that as their occupation on their application for health insurance – gosh – wonder why people might not be honest about that with their health insurer) and the 400,000 the Faily Hate Mail reckons there are “registered”.

    @bloke in spain, certain bars near major rail stations, especially Cologne (which doesn’t have a big, famous red light district like Hamburg or Frankfurt have), are in fact that kind of hangout.

    There are quite strict pornography laws here – not on what you can make or own (which until the kiddie porn panic was pretty much anything) but on what you can distribute. Showing porn, even negligently, to anyone who doesn’t want to see it can land you in jail, so it really wouldn’t be put on in your average bar, only in places where people went to see it, knowing what tehy were going to see.

  11. There was an item on the Swiss radio news a couple of days ago.
    Apparently Italy is proposing a law to make “maisons closes” (brothels) legal again.
    The discussion on the radio focused on the effect of the new competition on the economy of Tessin (closest canton to Italy) and not at all on morality, health or other issues.
    Ah, those Swiss!

  12. Some of the need for prostitutes may come from the mass immigration in western countries .
    Sudden influx of solo males tend to do this.

  13. Erm, are we actually making a mistake in assuming all those 400,000 registered (not necessarily all active) ‘hookers’ are female. I suspect the group represent males as well.

    And as to what that does to the use of sex workers in Germany, without more figures, who can tell.

    But I guess the fact that this is a pressure group means they are using the largest possible interpretation of their numbers here – all those they have been associated with, not all those actively involved as of now.

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