This is about Hirst making money

Nowt wrong with making money of course.

Winsham Farm is a wildlife haven which Hirst bought for £900,000 ten years ago.


The artist, 48, has submitted a planning application to North Devon council for 750 homes, a school, shops, health centre, offices, sports pitches, playgrounds and cycle paths on the edge of the seaside town of Ilfracombe.

I’d put the profit on gaining planning for that at, oooh, what, £75 million?

6 thoughts on “This is about Hirst making money”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well if nothing else, it is proof that Britain is still fairly corruption-free. After all, if you could make roughly 80 times as much money from the planning permission alone, it would make economic sense to bung some council official 60 odd million.

    So it is good news in that sense

  2. More like £20-25m, and he will pay 40-50% tax on that eventually. Unless of course friend Damian is a tax dodger.

    25% or more may be non-profit, for a start.

    Still worth doing, mind.

    North Devon are in a mess as they don’t have a Local Plan in force, so the presumption must be to approve,

  3. SMFS you are assuming that because no councillor has publicly announced receiving such a bung none has been given. It is possible they might keep it quiet.

    Many political donations come from property developers (for example Wendy Alexander in Scotland came a cropper for accepting £10 without doing the paperwork a few years ago). It is, of course, possible that property developers, as a group, have particularly strong social consciences.

    In this particular instance it may be that Hirst is using his personal prominence with the media & “great & good” rather than simple bribery, but either way I doubt an ordinary person could get planning permission for this just by asking.

    Yet more proof that 3/4 of all housing costs are state parasitism not building costs.

  4. For those of a nosey disposition (me) the planning application is here: LAND BETWEEN A361 & B3230 SOUTH OF ILFRACOMBE ILFRACOMBE DEVON EX34 8PQ

    It is a pretty expansive application and I note that last year the talk was of 500 eco-homes now it is just being described by the Telegraph as 750 homes.

    I’m not sure where the description of Winsham Farm as a wildlife haven has come from. From google maps it just looks like a farm. Perhaps it is somewhere in the many documents included with the application. I haven’t looked through them.

  5. “I’m not sure where the description of Winsham Farm as a wildlife haven has come from.”

    So reminds me of a woman had a bit of land down near Gillingham she wanted to build some houses on. Then some alert conservationist found half a dozen “rare” snails looked indistinguishable from any other random selection of gastropods. And: Area of Special Scientific Interest.! Ace card.played

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