This is part of Ritchie’s tax gap

HMRC is likely to lose £2.1m in VAT, PAYE and National Insurance contributions on top of existing £4.8m bill after Blockbuster collapse

Companies do indeed go bust and they do often owe tax when they do so.

But to Ritchie this is a scandalous example of how HMRC doesn’t have enough people to collect tax due. Instead of, you know, just an inevitable part of having a bankruptcy system.

9 thoughts on “This is part of Ritchie’s tax gap”

  1. With Blockbusters going, are there any video rental outlets still going?
    Seems a reflection of the times & somewhat poignant. In 20, 25 years a whole part of peoples lives has arrived & faded. Kids chattering in the children’s section. The films you wished you’d never rented. Big bottles of Coke & packs of Pringles. The bottle of wine from the offie. The dash to the car or huddled walk home through dark rainy streets. The emergency expedition to get the return done before owing another day.
    How long before the line of dialogue “Let’s get a video & stay in tonight.” will be a mystery needs explanation?
    Going the same way as ITMA & The Navy Lark. Trannies & Radio Luxembourg.

  2. Must be at least 5 years since last rented a DVD. Been a week since last rented a movie – on demand. No going out, rented in seconds, and ready to watch. Guess who didn’t keep supplying what customers wanted?

  3. But to Ritchie this is a scandalous example of how HMRC doesn’t have enough people to collect tax due.

    Out of interest, how many actual tax collectors have been given their marching orders? Not those made redundant through duplication of roles in the IR and C&E merger or admin/call centre staff no longer required because of online help and filing; staff who actually go out and investigate peoples/companies tax affairs?

    Oh, and bollocks to Blockbuster. I feel for the staff but here’s yet another company that has failed to move with the times. Online, on demand is where it’s at.

  4. The Tax Gap and how to measure it: HMRC and the IMFchoose a method that limits us to measuring only that stuff that is actually sort of legally due. Then there are Ritchie and psych-bitch at the PAC who say we should also measure what we would like the law to say and not limit ourselves in that neoliberal, rule-of-law rubbish.

  5. Tim, by the same token people should not be allowed to suicide or have the life support machine turned off unless and until they have paid all their taxes? 🙂

  6. Quelle surprise!

    Shill for main tax-man’s union (PCS), uses tax loss of company bankruptcy that any idiot could have spotted to call for more union members to be employed…

    At let the PCS are getting activity from their shill.

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