Timmy elsewere

At the ASI.

Why India really needs the supermarkets

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  1. Economies of scale meaning we produce more food and preserve more of what we produce thereby providing more food for more people.

    That sounds like a great idea. Yet goto any major charity website and you’ll find them arguing for their agrarian revolution based upon poor farmers farming small holdings.

    If I didn’t know what all round wonderful folks they were I would swear blind they were trying to kill people.

  2. I’ve been having an ongoing argument with a “small is beautiful” “buy local” enthusiast for a while now. Beats me. He owns an internet marketing company. So we get the “supermarkets are wasteful of food argument”. Really? Next time you’re at Sainsbury, have a look round the back. See if you can spot the skips they put it all in. Still waiting…

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