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At the ASI.

Some interesting evidence about who gains from all this neoliberal globalisation stuff

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  1. Evidence you say Tim?

    Are you really trying to approach Oxfam, Cafod etc with evidence? You poor naïve baby.

    Take a look at Oxfam’s website. Search for Millenium Goals to see how it has reacted to the progress, the evidence if you like, made over the past 23 years or so. That’s right: not mentioned. Instead Oxfam proudly presents its own goals, which involve activist groups around the world overcoming powerful vested interests etc. You’ll find words such as ‘progressive’ and ‘redistribute’ and calls to support ‘small landowning’ which of course is the way forward.

    Eventually the UN Millenium Development Goals do get a mentionn in terms of “some progress has been made” but we must make sure we don’t let those “powerful corporate interests” cause millions to “slip back into poverty”.

    So I would suggest we stop trying to present our evidence like reasonable people and learn how to fight the Marxist bastards.

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