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At the ASI.

Some Americans seem to think that dividends are a bad idea.

2 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. He is completely wrong.

    See, e.g., Arnott & Asness, 2003.

    “We investigate whether dividend policy, as observed in the payout ratio of the U.S. equity market portfolio, forecasts future aggregate earnings growth. The historical evidence strongly suggests that expected future earnings growth is fastest when current payout ratios are high and slowest when payout ratios are low. This relationship is not subsumed by other factors, such as simple mean reversion in earnings. Our evidence thus contradicts the views of many who believe that substantial reinvestment of retained earnings will fuel faster future earnings growth. Rather, it is consistent with anecdotal tales about managers signaling their earnings expectations through dividends or engaging, at times, in inefficient empire building. Our findings offer a challenge to market observers who see the low dividend payouts of recent times as a sign of strong future earnings to come.”


  2. Why would anyone invest if there was no dividens? You need a return on your investment and that is what dividens are… right?

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