Very clever indeed

But hold on. If “the information provided by think tanks is little more than another form of corporate lobbying,” doesn’t that mean that by contributing to think tanks and not revealing which think tanks they are contributing to, CEOs are expending “corporate resources” “in ways that advance the interests of [their] shareholders.?” So shouldn’t Elizabeth Warren be applauding them for not revealing which think tanks they are contributing to? After all, according to her, advancing the interests of their shareholders is the only justified use of corporate resources.

3 thoughts on “Very clever indeed”

  1. Anyway, nothing to do with “transparency”. Simply another attempt to reduce funding to competitors to the Proggies’ lobbying network.

  2. Maybe, but Elizabeth still no like-um.

    No peace pipe in her teepee as long as capitalists give heap big wampum to think tanks.

  3. meanwhile here in the UK, we have a load of lefty organisations – let’s call them think tanks; the bastards call themselves charities – think they most assuredly should NOT have to reveal who their ‘funders’ are. This, they argue, would be ‘gagging’.

    Why oh why do I suspect double standards?

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