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We’ve let the insane run the asylum

Amec was legally obliged to consult certain statutory bodies, incuding Natural England and the Environment Agency, on the scope of the “Strategic Environmental Assessment” report.

This looked at the potential impacts on the environment and jobs of licensing a vast new area of Britain for fracking to search for shale gas.

But Mr Davey decided that green non-governmental organisations Friends of the Earth, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Greenpeace should also be consulted, a spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change confirmed. The NGOs had asked Mr Davey to be included.

11 thoughts on “We’ve let the insane run the asylum”

  1. It is my fervent wish that Mr Davey and all supporters and employees of the green organisations be forced to live the lifestyle that would be consequent upon their desires.

    No transport faster than a horse. No electricity or gas. No telephones, washing machines, shops, umbrellas, food, antiseptics, antibiotics, spectacles, shoes, knickers or bras.

    Set them to scavenging in fields, burning twigs to cook rabbits and voles, clad in such scraps of clothing as they can make.

  2. But neither FoE or WWF are not NGOs, they are “charities” heavily funded by the taxpayer. So there is a certain justice, though no economic sense, in giving them a veto over any sirt of progress too.

    Greenpeace claim not to take government funds. Apart from the fact that virtually everybody in the ecofascist movement is a wholly corrupt liar, Greenpeace certainly are, I have no evidence whether this claim is a lie or not.

  3. Mr potato head Davey simply does not want any kind of progress on unconventional gas. He takes his instructions from WWF, Greenpeace FOE et al. Any voter who thought he was working for their best interests is either deluded, or, a member of the aforesaid eco-fascist organisations

  4. Funny how a handful of greenie protestors can hold up fracking, yet no amount of opposition seems to stop windfarms springing up everywhere.

  5. If you read Dr. North, you will discover that all those “green” NGO’s – “the insane”, as you so rightly say – sit at the top table of Europe along with the EU commissioners, and get to make the rules.

    So of course they have to be consulted; that’s what their power (and our membership of the obnoxious EU) allows them to insist on.

    Democracy anyone?

  6. This is basically the progressive model of governance- what we might call the “modern Anglo model”, a system developed in the Anglosphere since the Victorian Era but now being globalised. The “State” becomes simply a mechanism which is used by special interest groups to further their particular agendas. This controlling network of groups consists of a network of academics, NGOs, opinion formers, corporate leadership etc, who horse trade between themselves as to what the rules should be, and carefully police admission to that network to ensure that the “wrong type of people” don’t get a say. Politicians are reduced to enacters of laws decided by others; an obvious example that springs to my one-track mind being Mr Cameron recently announcing the new draconian “protective” regime of internet censorship and associated laws, standing in front of an NSPCC banner, at NSPCC headquarters, saying openly that his only guiding principle was that of the child saver NGOs. Other obvious examples including anti-smoker and other temperance policy.

    They act at all levels of governance from the local council up to the UN, but this is how modern governance works. It’s this system we have to somehow attack, which is why I sometimes feel that libertarians are mostly missing the point; by just attacking the State, they attribute greater power to that State than it really has. It is just the implementational mechanism of a sprawling system which is notionally “extra-governmental” in nature.

  7. Us wurzels down in Wiltshire have been on the receiving end of an AMEC / Environment Agency double act over the last year with our still running water power debacle at Bradford on Avon..

    Wonderful to see old pals AMEC keeping up their standards…. delivering a biased, misrepresentation filled, skewed report commissioned by a bunch of dishonest gits intent on forcing their desired outcome on a situation regardless of actual verifiable facts ..

    Ever keen and willing to charge well for repackaging and anointing the intent of their (mostly clients via obtuse skewed “technical reports” – fawning sock puppets – the small print disclaimers on AMEC reports are a hoot.

    There is this expectation…, in fact – most would see it as an obligation of due diligence and objectivity from public servants – and particularly those classified as civil servants who are actually legally bound to discharge their duties objectively and with due diligence – particularly when it comes to physical evidence pro or anti a particular course of action.

    What’s happened here is that pubic servants have a pack of high priced willing toadies ready to fabricate “evidence” so’s they can ram through their ideologically wonky, hubristic self indulgences using shedloads of public money.

    As far as fracking is concerned The EA have an open door policy to the anti-frackers it would seem – sanctioned at the highest levels….

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