Whining about Amazon again

Because Amazon is the future of shopping; being an Amazon “associate” in an Amazon “fulfilment centre” – take that for doublespeak, Mr Orwell – is the future of work; and Amazon’s payment of minimal tax in any jurisdiction is the future of global business.

Because Amazon doesn’t make a profit you stupid woman!

24 thoughts on “Whining about Amazon again”

  1. She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge
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  2. “places of high unemployment … where Amazon deliberately sites its distribution centres”

    Evil barstewards, creating jobs where before there were none. How dare they!

  3. My comment seems to have upset a few people…

    “So you’re saying Amazon provide jobs for thousands of people who can’t get them anywhere else, at a wage mandated to be fair by the government and let their staff take two periods of sickness every three months (who on earth gets so sick they can’t work, three times in three months other than someone with a chronic sickness they should be telling their employer about?); and they do all this while maintaining some of the best prices and the best customer service imaginable. Thanks you Amazon!”

  4. ““fulfilment centre” – take that for doublespeak, Mr Orwell”

    AHAHAHAHA she’s genuinely never heard the term “fulfilment centre” referring to a place where orders are fulfilled. It doesn’t refer to spiritual fulfillment for fuck’s sake!

    Still, an upper-class twit like her probably believes it was magical fairies who brought her copy of “50 Shades” to the door.

  5. See how they like this comment:

    “Must say. You Guardian people are a strange bunch.
    In it’s business strategy, Amazon is behaving as a form of co-operative. The initial investors are getting a fair return on their investment. By reinvesting profits in the business, Amazon is increasing the numbers of people benefiting from employment by it, passing on economy of scale benefits to its customers in lower prices & by its competitive edge enabling this to continue & grow.
    It’s quite hard to see what’s not to like?
    You prefer shopping in small shops? Aren’t you the selfish ones? So that small shopkeepers are required to work 9, 10, maybe more hours a day. Six, maybe 7 days a week. No breaks, no holidays, no sick pay, no job security. All so you can buy your stuff. What a bunch of caring people.
    Sound like socialists, to me.”

  6. As a user of amazon’s fulfilment centres for a chunk of my stock I am very happy with the service. Keeps my costs down – fulfilment fees are usually a lot lower than my postage would be.
    Wasn’t aware I was an amazon associate, thats usually used in reference to something else.
    Oh, and the TV programme on Monday about Amazon working conditions? My amazon fulfilled orders went up after it by a chunk. Who says advertising doesn’t work?

  7. This could almost be a comment by Timmy, only it’s not rude enough.

    “”Are you seriously suggesting that Amazon sets up in these areas to provide employment? Or maybe it’s to do with government grants and a large pool of cheap labour willing to grovel at the master’s gate.””
    Certainly its to do with government grants, which are only available in… areas of high unemployment.
    Complaining about Amazon doing what the government indicates it wants them to do by paying them to do it seems a bit… obtuse.

  8. Seems the Left hates any big successful company except possibly Apple. It’s a visceral rather than a rational reaction, hence the tortured justifications:

    “If Santa had a track record in paying his temporary elves the minimum wage while pushing them to the limits of the EU working time directive, and sacking them if they take three sick breaks in any three-month period”

    You mean Amazon obeys the law by paying the minimum wage (she later reveals they pay above minimum wage) and not overworking its staff, and behaves like any other normal employer outside the public sector by letting go people who repeatedly take sick leave without a medical certificate? The bastards.

    “It is probably reasonable to assume that tax avoidance is not “constitutionally” a part of the Santa business model”

    You mean Amazon only pays the taxes they’re legally obliged to pay? The bastards. (How much tax does The Guardian pay, by the way?)

    “Neither does Santa attempt to bully his competitors”

    Boo-fucking-hoo. The bastards.

    “Santa was not called before the Commons public accounts committee and called “immoral” by MPs.”

    Thieves and liars call a business that employs thousands and fulfils the desires of millions of customers “immoral”. The bastards.

    “it’s not a coincidence that the heat is on the world’s most successful online business.”

    Indeed no. Once a business becomes a successful household name, left wing critics swarm to it like flies to shite. See Tesco and Walmart. One of the things that enrages the left is:

    “the plant is exceptional in the local area in having no union representation.”

    Aye, lets allow unions and their thuggish, moronic shop stewards to fuck up one of the few major employers left in Swansea. In effect, force Amazon customers and shareholders to subsidise the Labour Party. That would be “fair”.

    “some of these big brands are more powerful than governments. ”

    Good. Amazon doesn’t kidnap people’s children, or tell grown ups they’re not allowed to smoke, or seize half your income, or start wars. Compared to government, Amazon is utopian.

  9. There is something so incredible poignant about this. Over at the Guardian, a non-profit making company supposedly run for the benefit of its customers & employees. They’re bitching about Amazon, a non-profit company being run for the benefit of its customers & employees. The only difference being the latter is done successfully.
    They really are so hopelessly stupid.

  10. bis – as far as I can tell, the investors in Amazon are in a Ponzi scheme. The group generates next to zero cash and all the meagre profits are getting ploughed into new ventures. When did Amazon last pay a dividend? In 2010, in an official 10K filing they said they had never paid a dividend on their common stock, and they have not paid a divvy since. For a similar view on what they are doing see:


    The BBC has a substantial amount of its pension fund invested in Amazon – that should tell you everything you need to know. Investors are getting a raw deal in that they are placing all their faith in Amazon to invest the (currently slim) profits on their behalf. As it is, cashflow before capex has been flattish for about 5 years despite massive increases in sales.

    I think that Tim has a different view, however.

  11. The Left are even turning against Apple. This started to happen after the iPhone made them a popular choice of the proles. Ownership of Apple products was no longer a fashionable enclave of hip young things and the writing was on the wall.

  12. @Diogenes
    “as far as I can tell, the investors in Amazon are in a Ponzi scheme”
    Yes.Good isn’t it? Maybe that’ll encourage people buying dotcom shares to read the small print. That’s what mugs are there for isn’t it? “The BBC has a substantial amount of its pension fund invested in Amazon – ” must prove it.

    “cashflow before capex has been flattish for about 5 years despite massive increases in sales.”
    Not doing the customers any harm is it?

    it’s what makes the Guardian commentariat look like complete prats. If the Co-op were doing it, they’d be ecstatic.

  13. Diogenes, you are aware that amazon growth rate is still pretty large? So if BBC owns say for example 1% of amazon shares when it does $10 billion a year turnover and 5 years later they still own the same number of shares when the company is doing $60 billion turnover – are the shares going to be worth more?
    Reinvestment back into the business is nothing new. Nothing to say share dividend must be paid – and in amazon’s case would be pretty small if they did – their usual global profits are small in comparison to the company size (most recently a loss!).
    The programme on Monday showed a bit of hard work. Do postmen work as hard? Probably not – they’ll walk further, quicker and in all weather, so will work harder. Are there jobs with targets to achieve elsewhere in public and private sector – yes. Is it normal for a company to keep a close eye on sickness levels and get rid of people who have too much time off sick? Merely a successful company.
    Perhaps they’d be better off if they just classed all new workers as self employed contractors with payments to the individual companies…. would get the BBC off their back a little. 🙂

  14. Oh, and just within time it took to type the above, have sold on amazon 3 items stored at a fulfilment centre – buying public seem to not care about the Left.

  15. ok Martin and bis…were you alive during the dot-com show? If you can buy and sell before the scheme bottoms out – good luck to you. To me, it is not sustainable forever. So choose your moments to cah in and then forever after say” how great Amazon is”.

    Martin…look at amazon’s free cash flows – I posted a link earlier….I am not giving advice, just pointing out that somethinjg is going to give way at some point. No free cash, no divs….for me, that means a crap investment. Your mileage may vary. My rules are mine.

  16. bis…as a consumer, I buy loads of stuff on amazon. As an investor….I would not invest. That is all I meant to say.

  17. Martin,

    “Diogenes, you are aware that amazon growth rate is still pretty large? So if BBC owns say for example 1% of amazon shares when it does $10 billion a year turnover and 5 years later they still own the same number of shares when the company is doing $60 billion turnover – are the shares going to be worth more?”

    Which makes it a bubble stock. People are only buying it because they believe that some other damn fool thinks that turnover matters, rather than because it’s a profitable investment.

    As a customer, I’m just enjoying it while it lasts.

  18. Using its cash flow to invest in its own business, buying up of competitors or buying new types of business. Yes, its assets have grown somewhat since it started.
    Turnover matters, its not the be all and end all. You are aware amazon makes a considerable amount of money by means other than selling books and other items to the public? Considerable move away from all eggs in one basket.
    Quite amusing when I see Guardian comments page when people talk about amazon, the number of people who swear off amazon and say they will buy from abebooks instead… without noting who owns.

  19. Diogenes, you are free not to invest in Amazon.

    This is a really hilarious piece in the Guardian. Some of the comments are great.

  20. Meant to add:

    You are free not to invest in Amazon.

    You are not free to choose not to give money tio the government (if you are British) which is a far bigger Ponzi scheme.

    Steve – your post was excellent.

  21. “The Left are even turning against Apple.” … i am waiting for this, i expect the left / media to turn on apple at some point and rip it down just as they pushed it up. Steve Jobs was a genius, he made apple the media darling and I cannot see anyone else being able to do that.

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