A blogging life in numbers


This is Ritchie’s year ends stats.

I don’t actually keep stats for this blog any more. They got dropped when I changed hosts or designs back in the summer. But extrapolating from the few months of 2013 I’ve got they would have been about the same. 120k to 140k page views a month.

With respect to that ebuzzing ranking: that takes account of Twitter. Ritchie’s much greater involvement there thus explain the relative positions.

Oh, and the only blog that either of us gets paid for based upon traffic? My December unique visitors numbers alone at Forbes were higher than annual total page views for either of the other two blogs.

Incentives matter: who knew?

7 thoughts on “A blogging life in numbers”

  1. Oh stop it Tim. You shouldn’t be doing this; he needs to.

    1. Your two blogs are vastly different in range and quality, both of blogger and contributors.
    2. Your readers also Read Ritchie’s bollocks; his don’t read yours (your thoughts that is) because they’re too thick to understand it.
    3. If an oink like me can use a blogger for sport, then the blogger is crap. I wouldn’t dare play with you like I do with Ritchie.
    4. Forbes isn’t offering a slot to Murphy so he is required to scream about his popularity on Twitter. You have a Forbes slot and the respect of other bloggers and journos.

    So knock it off.

  2. Ironman,

    Ritchie did have a slot on Forbes some time ago. He announced it with great fanfare. (I wont link, I’m sure you know your way round his site)

    I’ve just become Forbes’ first paid blogger in Europe.”

    “And no doubt there will be those who will take opportunity to comment. Which on this occasion will amuse me, because that will help increase the remuneration.”

    Looking at his Forbes archive his first post seems to be in Jan 2010 and his last in Nov 2011 and a total of 29 posts. His June 1st, 2011, post is the one he bragged about when his payments start and there’s been 12 posts after that, so I suspect, and hope, he didn’t make much money.

    (Its a filthy day and I’m bored stupid as I wouldn’t normally bother with the idiot)

  3. SimonFa

    “Its a filthy day and I’m bored stupid as I wouldn’t normally bother with the idiot”

    Been there, share the sentiment.

  4. I have to dispute Ironman’s comment, since I read Tim but not Ritchie (unless there’s a link to one of his bollocks and I can be bothered to click it, which I normally can’t).

  5. We try and not read Ritchie’s blog as we can’t comment and his writings tend to wind us up, that is if we can understand his ramblings. We let Tim do it on our behalf and we trust Tim to report accurately what he finds on Ritchie’s blog.

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