Heavy drinking?

Men who are habitual heavy drinkers, downing more than two pints of beer every day, are likely to start having the sort of memory lapses, that are commonly associated with ageing, up to six years early, according to a new study.

Two pints a day is a strange definition of heavy drinking to be honest. A half with a pork pie and lunchtime and a pint and a half in the evening….you’d not go over the driving limit at any time on a dosage like that.

Still, fortunately, I can recall whether I have that much or not.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Luckily I am chasing plenty of young totty to make up for it.

    Now where did I put my keys ……

  2. Heavens! I wish there was some concrete evidence for this phenomenon. Experience would seem to indicate the complete opposite. it’s the heavy drinkers can stand in a bar & recount, in minute detail, tedious episodes from their lives decades before. Usually to any unfortunate individual makes the mistake of being polite to them.

  3. It has just been on the Austrian wireless.

    You have to consume 36 grammes of alcohol a day to…erm… thing…

  4. I wondered if it might be an American study as you’re likely to get labelled an alcoholic over there if you regularly drink more than a couple of pints. I drank a couple of bottles of wine and a few beers at a New Year’s Eve party in New York once and my hosts were horrified, not so much at my bacchanalian consumption but at how I was still standing and talking, apparently compos mentis. Mind you, they had a point. I was a high functioning alcoholic. I managed to achieve a lot in my academic and professional life while drinking like Christopher Hitchens at a free bar. Damned if I can remember all the details, but it was a lot of fun.

    Anyway, it’s a UCL study. Puritanism’s coming home.

    I prefer NHS Scotland’s advice from a couple of years ago to take a day or two off drinking every week. I like to think they wrote that press release under a bridge somewhere, before sallying forth to inveigle unwary pedestrians into giving them 20p “furracuppatea”. Wha’s like us?

  5. A few years ago (or even less) the same article would have stated the limit as 4 pints. All single-issue fanatics engage in an arms race of doom, having to up the crazy continually to keep the message in the public eye.

    Fortunately the higher the crazy the more likely that people laugh at and ignore them. By declaring heavy drinking as more than two pints, that event horizon has been reached and soon even the Guardian will no longer be able to take them seriously.

  6. After a brief flirtation with liberty the Guardian is now reverting to its long term trend of disapproving upper middle-class Puritanism against the pleasures of the working classes.

    They are the embodiment of “Lady Mary” in Tom Sharpe’s novels.

  7. Rob, I think you may be underestimating the Guardian’s capacity for silliness. They’ve transmogrified from being a serious paper into a menagerie of leftist trolls and clickbait merchants whose collective silliness makes a comedy sketch starring Graham Chapman as an army colonel seem abstemious.

    My theory is that somebody didn’t heed the advice of the wise old Chinese pedlar and fed the Guardianistas after midnight before spilling a glass of water on them.

  8. The worst thing you can do is to consume meat with your alcohol.

    We are being pressurized into becoming sober vegetarians: fuck ’em.

  9. A paragraph I have been waiting to read in the gruaniad for 25 years:

    “Smith, a heavy cocaine user who snorted up to a line a month, had to have his own name sewn into the front of his underpants from the age of 34.”

    Still waiting…

  10. The report does not state whether there were any genuinely heavy drinkers or not. They were studying civil servants so they lumped everyone who drank more than two pints into one category and sub-divided those who drank less into “light” and “moderate”.
    Also “began to suffer memory failures and deterioration in their cognitive processes between 18 months and six years earlier than those who drank less. Light and moderate drinkers did not show declines.” involves X occurring a measured time before Y occurred although Y did not happen – this can only happen in the world of the Grauniad.

  11. Steve,
    I work for an american co relocated into the UK. I was mortified when the MD stated the a Glenmorangie was great mixed with 7up… heathen. Still they still seemed to manage a piss up a brewery, considering they held the summer BBQ at one.. cheers hic.

  12. That joyless rag is really laying it on thick* at the moment:


    * Obviously the stuff they would be laying on would be practically calorie free and taste of used… emmm… chewing gum!

  13. Having had a naive and sheltered upbringing, upon moving to the big smoke I always wondered where you could actually get a cuppatea for 20p. Or why you’d carry on pestering other people for money for a second cuppatea having persuaded one mug to part with 20p for the first one. Now it seems like the beggars were not intending to honour the contract regarding the use for which donated money was intended. Whodathunkit.

  14. @bis, the alcoholics can recount the tedious details of their lives from 20 years ago because by and large, they have no exciting bits to their lives. It’s also extremely easy for an alcoholic to be quite sure that on any particular day in the past they were getting bladdered. It must be an excellent alibi.

  15. Kronos – they also insist that Jack Daniels is a drink rather than a drain cleaner. There’s no accounting for taste.

    Bloke in Germany – I, too, searched long and weary for the legendary 20p cuppatea. I came to the conclusion that Cuppatea is actually the patron deity of the winos, and they are reverently gathering offerings in his milky name. Somewhere deep in a hidden forest glade there is a golden statue of Cuppatea, surrounded by gifts of Thunderbird and Mad Dog 20/20.

  16. Is half a bottle of 40% spirits ‘heavy’ drinking? I would guess so. That’s 150ml of ethanol or a shade under 7 pints of 4.6% ABV beer. Do that every day and you might well land yourself in trouble. But two pints is not a meaningful threshold. That’s like two double vodkas (a pint and a single pub measure have very similar alcohol contents).

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    Steve – “My theory is that somebody didn’t heed the advice of the wise old Chinese pedlar and fed the Guardianistas after midnight before spilling a glass of water on them.”

    They weren’t that cute before they got water spilled on them. Nor that intelligent after. Nice film reference by the way. I still think Gremlins gave the best investment advice ever – shotguns and canned food.

    john miller – “Still waiting…”

    The Guardian has a hierartchy of acceptable drugs. They do not seem to be so down on the Es. Which is interesting because it has not passed a proper human trial. It may or may not be the cause of Parkinson’s. In fact it may help prevent it. No one knows. So I look forward to their response when the world wakes up to what has been a massive unlicenced drug trial that may have serious brain function consequences.

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