If I actually have any readers under 20

Then you will want to enter this competition.

Good luck and no, I’m not a judge.

4 thoughts on “If I actually have any readers under 20”

  1. Ay, ay! Not a judge.

    Missed a chance to find out what that luverly corruption is all about there, didn’t you, Tim?

    My feeling is that your research means you should be a judge just to undergo the rigours of corruption so you could write about it after, know whadd’I mean?

  2. “The winner will receive £250 and have their three posts published on our blog. They will also get a box of liberty-themed books and the opportunity to do two weeks of work experience here at the ASI.”

    Good to see the rate for internship is way above the market. £250 for 2 weeks + 3 bits of copy’s not bad. Nobody’ll be swiping ideas from the losing entrants’ submissions, will they? ‘Course not.

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