In praise of the black economy

“A doubt therefore arises as to how much governments want to interfere in the black economy, since millions of people depend on it and fighting it would create great social instability.”

Yep, when the State fucks up, as it did in Spain, then people turn to voluntary cooperation through markets without the intervention of said State.

To as much as 25% of the Spanish economy. Ain’t it remarkable what can happen without the Curajus State fucking it up?

3 thoughts on “In praise of the black economy”

  1. Good grief! is it only 25% now? Things have improved since el crisis. Must be because they’ve managed to get the Royal Family in court.

  2. As I’ve said before, given that Murphy is a disgusting, heinous little cunt and his Courageous State is a fascist enterprise, tax evasion rises to the level of a moral imperative. Depriving the Murphys of this world of the funds necessary to impose their vile agenda on us is good. The only way to kill the Beast is to starve it.

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