Murphy Richards on The Guardian’s Autotrader tax bill

But that is exactly what the law says it should be. And that law is set by our democratic representatives. Which means that Civil Society has indeed demanded that the Guardian pays no tax whatsoever.

Civil Society, on the other hand, thinks that transfer pricing rules, rules of permanent establishment, capital allowances, utilisation of losses, the difference in rates of tax between incorporated and unincorporated entities, the patent box, research and development tax credits, the rules on non-doms, world debt cap, CFCs, the GAAR, enterprise investment schemes, film tax relief, entrepreneurs relief, the low rate of CGT and so on, are all established through non-democratic methods.

As such, any business which obeys those laws is doing so against the will of Parliament and the demands of Civil Society. They are therefore avoiding tax by immorally obeying the law as it was intended.

Well, there you have it.

Wonder what Richard Murphy is going to say about it….

15 thoughts on “Murphy Richards on The Guardian’s Autotrader tax bill”

  1. Of course you cannot wait to see what my deeply unfunny parody Richard Murphy has to say on the matter.

    As per usual, I imagine he will just cut and paste my post onto his site where he can put a prominent advert for his latest book for sale on Amazon like the true neoliberal he is.

  2. Richard Murphy will say nothing. As he always does when the topic of discussion turns to one of his mates. For all his talk of courage, he’s a remarkable coward when his own income might be at risk.

  3. “Of course you cannot wait to see what my deeply unfunny parody Richard Murphy has to say on the matter.”
    it is indeed a cliffhanger of soap opera proportions, Mr Richards. Expect a spike in electricity demand & a collapse of significant parts of the internet as the audience reaches never before seen levels.

  4. The hypocrisy would be astounding if we didn’t expect it.

    The Pollyanas and the little Richards take tainted money, but….

    This fits perfectly with my experience with my ‘good’ socialist friends:

    ‘You and your business friends are a bunch of thieving scoundrels because you are not of the left, but we, because we are of the left, are pure and if we do this is is simply so that we can further the good struggle’

    However, this case is so absolutely off-the chart that I feel a little something in my water. We may get a luke-warm turncoat here.

  5. I actually wasn’t sure for a while if the blog was a joke or not, which says much about the quality of the arguments put forward by the TJN.

    I mean, this is pretty much Margaret Hodge’s argument

  6. Christie wins!

    For evidence please turn back your clocks to the Ken Livingstone fiasco. He refused – in terms – to allow any discussion on “individuals” because it was “the principle that’s important”. There is not a cat in hell’s chance of this appearing on his blog; for Courageous State read Cowardly State.

  7. “any business which obeys those laws is doing so against the will of Parliament”

    Huh? Parliament creates a law and if you obey it you’re against the will of parliament? Even if it was a Labour-dominated parliament?

    Just run that by me again…

    No, it’s still warm horse manure.

    Really the convolutions that lefties get themselves into are a wonder to behold.

  8. See the Twitter feed for MurphyRichards and Alan Rusbridger. MR tells AR the Guardians tax policy is fine. AR replies.
    @arusbridger: @MurphyRichards thanks Richard. That’s what I understood, too. Glad to have it confirmed by the expert!

  9. Murphy
    That is indeed a priceless twitter exchange with the knobhead at the Graun and I take my hat off to you.

    You can bet your boots that your alter ego is going to be absolutely fizzing mad.

    Andrew Duffin by name, Duffer by intellect. You need to think a little before posting.

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