My God, the horror, the horror

Though you can use SNAP dollars at some upscale markets, your dollar wouldn’t go far. Forget broad choices; forget organic; forget cage-free; forget cold-pressed juice; forget artisanal coffee beans; forget locally made cheese.

The Americans really do pile it upon their poor, don’t they?

20 thoughts on “My God, the horror, the horror”

  1. It’s the supplemental nutrition assistance program [sic]. By its very name it’s not intended to be the primary source of income to buy food. Salon is a joke anyway; if they’re still running these liberal-goes-on-safari-among-the-proles pieces then they really have run out of ideas.

  2. Y’know there are people in Middle America – call them Tea Party, call them moral majority, hell, call them dumb rednecks if you want add my name to the list – who think Democrats are pampered East Coast liberals, from rich homes, who don’t have the first damn clue what it is to live in the real world, off the fruits of your own labours; can’t imagine where they get that idea from.

  3. Funniest thing I have read fot a long time. Thank you, Tim! To tnink his ancestors survived generation after generation through war, famine and hungry hostile beasties to produce that wimp! Please don’t let him breed!

  4. She thinks brown rice and carrots are “hardly nutritional” and the spends three-quarters of the price of a whole meal on a “bell pepper”, which has only 40 calories. No fruit for a whole week.
    She not only doesn’t know how to live in the real world – she also hasn’t done her homework before starting on the assignment.

  5. The part I found funny was:

    “In my own trial, which would last a week, I decided to split the difference between the $50 weekly allotment that a New Yorker would get through SNAP with the national average of $33. Thus, I would only buy $41 worth of groceries.”

    Um…why? You’re doing the trial in New York, why would you not use the New York rate? You get more money in New York for a reason, stuff’s more expensive there.

  6. Sarah Gray, the author, has quite a bit of real world experience…

    She’s got a B.A. in Political Science and Communication from U. of California, a M.A. in Journalism from New York U., and a few internships with places like Frisky and Conde Nast.

    Who better to write about how the lumpen proles make due?

    Evidently Morgan Spurlock had a previous engagement.

  7. Her indoctrination went well, though:

    “Simon asks me who farm subsides help.

    “Big Agriculture,” I reply nervously.

    “Who is Big Agriculture?” he counters. I have no response, and Simon helps me out. “It’s the Monsanto, John Deere, ConAgra, Pepsi and Coca Cola.””

  8. Hmmm some numbers for republicans to consider:

    Food Stamp Cost per annum $76 Billion
    Cost of Tarp $475 Billion
    Cost of S&L Bailouts $370 Billion

    And these fuckers want to talk about Welfare. The entire fucking US economy is built on welfare, for the fucking banking industry.


    Tim adds: Also worth considering that there was a fairly large expansion of SNAP a few years back. Something to do with how there was this big recession and unemployment crisis. An expansion which everyone agreed was going to be temporary until things improved and unemployment came down.

    So now they’re attemptoing to cut it back to still being larger than it was before and we’ve the entire press screaming about the cuts.

    Anyone ever think that the media slants Democratic in the US?

  9. Julia: The very same Pepsi she says in the article lobbies in favour of SNAP? There’s just no winning with these idiots.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Ljh – “To tnink his ancestors survived generation after generation through war, famine and hungry hostile beasties to produce that wimp! Please don’t let him breed!”

    I don’t think breeding is going to be a problem. However in all fairness while said ancestors were surviving generation after generation through war, famine and hungry hostile beasties, they were doing so on a diet of organic vegetables, cage-free mammoths, cold-pressed juice when they could get it, artisanal beans and all cheese was locally made cheese. It is called hunting and collecting.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Offshore Observer – “Hmmm some numbers for republicans to consider”

    You need to consider the time frame too. Yes, the S&Ls and the Banks should not have been bailed out. Although we did get a nice housing sector out of both. But they were one-off events. Or if not that, very rare.

    SNAP is each and every year. So what you mean is that the White Middle Class is paying to have their DVD players stolen and their children mugged by poorly fed meth heads if they are in West Virginia and crack smokers if they are in any major urban area. And they are paying enough each and every year so that it is equal to TARP every eight years or so. And they are getting to rush down to A&E to identify the body of their daughter as a bonus.

  12. @Matthew L – thanks for that. Literally insane. Ironically, if the utopia he seeks ever came about he would be one of the first to be disappeared/jailed/executed after a show trial.

  13. No David, it’s an excerpt from a book. An actual, grown up big people words book. Must be a second year sociology student at least.

  14. Ahahaha. Oh my sides. It turns out that the book in question is actually published by Harper Perennial, which… oh, this hurts, my belly muscles are aching… is a subsidiary of News Corp.

  15. SMFS, Oh I agree entirely, they are only “one off” events (that seem to happen every 2 decades), but the point is the Republicans go on about requiring “the poor” to get off welfare, stand on their own two feet and support themselves, all that “work will set you free” Orwellian crap. But when the banking sector, General Motors etc etc get into trouble, its a completely different story.

    The banks and general motors should have been (a) allowed to fail (b) never allowed to get as big as they did and (c) interest rates should have been increased well before 2007.

  16. Offshore Observer,

    Where do you get your numbers from? According to the CBO, TARP cost $24 billion, not $475 billion:

    CBO estimates that the net cost to the federal government of the TARP’s transactions, including the cost of grants for mortgage programs that have not been made yet, will amount to $24 billion.

    And you refer to welfare, but only provide the SNAP costs. What is the total welfare cost?

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