Cameron can’t even get the bill passed. What hopes he’ll win the election then have the referendum?

The Conservative Party’s bill committing Britain to a referendum on European Union membership is “unlikely” to become law because of delays in the House of Lords, peers have warned.

The entire offering of Cameron and his ilk is managerial competence. And without that they’ve not that much to offer, have they?

9 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. The currently most interesting question in British politics: are the Tories really stupid enough to follow fat boy over top in 2015?

    He didn’t win the last election and he has already said how it’s totally OK if he doesn’t win the next one, because he and Nick are BFF.

    Are the Tories in it to win it, or what?

  2. Yes, it’s entirely his fault he hasn’t stuffed the lords with tons of Tory peers to ensure a majority. Sake.

  3. Here we see that curious situation in which somebody is doing a thing with the express intention of it failing.

  4. Roue,

    It’s too late. There needed to be at least a stalking horse by now to test the water for stronger candidates to kick him out.

    By Easter, they’ll have no choice but to back the twat.

  5. Did anybody really think Cameron was going to let there be a referendum? Even if it were genuinely his intention (which I doubt) then nothing he has ever done indicates that he had the political or intellectual wherewithal to follow through. ‘Hapless’ is perhaps the kindest word I would use to describe him. He’s very much like Obama in this regard: a not particularly bright individual finding that governing is a lot harder than it looks.

  6. There are stronger candidates than Cameron in the parliamentary tory party? Well, Ken Clarke I suppose, but he’s too old, too much baggage, and isn’t exactly the EUphobe jerk circle’s candidate of choice.

  7. A promise from Cameron is equivalent to the vote of confidence in a football manager from the chairman.

  8. All they offer is not being Ed Balls and Ed Cock. It’s an excellent start, but it’s unlikely to be enough.

  9. @dearime… You’d have thought that “not being Gordon Brown” would have presented one of the biggest open goals in political history, yet Cameron managed to miss that one too.

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