This should bugger the sugar causes obesity thesis…..but won’t

“Consumption of sugar has been decreasing steadily since the 1960s. Sales of sweets, jams and preserves have all gone down.

If we’re consuming less sugar at the same time as we’re all becoming obese lardy bums then it’s difficult to insist that sugar is causing us all to become obese lardy bums, isn’t it?

12 thoughts on “This should bugger the sugar causes obesity thesis…..but won’t”

  1. Because those aren’t the only things to have sugar in them? What about other foods, particularly ready meals, sales of which have massively increased and which have large amounts of sugar?

    Really, to really on decreases in just three products to support a statement like that is poor reasoning.

  2. People have been persuaded on minimal evidence that “low fat” is a synonym for non fattening. Low fat and fat free products have sugar poured into them to make them vaguely palatable eg yoghurt. Fruit juice is basically syrup with bits in it.

  3. Sweets, jams, preserves. Are they the only things that sugar is in? What about the HFCS? I can’t be bothered to cite any studies (since you cited the Telegraph I feel justified in that decision), but it’s most definitely on the increase and it’s insidious.

    Read Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin and watch Sugar, The Bitter Truth on You Tube and then see if you think the same thing, not a couple of tawdry lines from The Telegraph,

  4. I can never find out with these stats whether the fact that ‘sugar’ consumption is historically down relates to pure sugar sales (which one would expect to be down due to less people cooking at home) or includes all the sugar now added to just about every product in the supermarket.

    One suspects the problem is less of a mass market saturated with sugar, but that certain sections of society are consuming large amounts of it (via heavy consumption of processed foods) to the detriment to their health, while others abstain. And also possibly that some children are getting an increased share of overall consumption, again due to the processed foods aimed at them.

  5. Sugar might be bad for you in excess. So fucking what. I decide what I eat or don’t not some jumped up cunt in the grauniad or anywhere else.

  6. I’m told we eat less calories than 10 years ago but have still continued to grow. Sugar too, no doubt. Unfortunately it comes with a more sedentary lifestyle.

  7. The National Diet & Nutritional Survey seeks to identify mean intakes of calories, protein, carbohydrates and other nutritional information. Over the past decade, total sugar consumption by adults aged 19 to 64, total sugar consumption has decreased by 8.9% for males, and 3.9% for females. The intake of non-milk extrinsic sugars (NMES), which includes ‘added sugar’, has similarly declined in every age and sex category, apart from a 1.8% increase for women aged over 65.

  8. I apologise for the doubling error. It should be: “Over the past decade, total sugar consumption, by adults aged 19 to 64, has decreased by 8.9% for males, and 3.9% for females.”

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