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At the ASI.

I’m a hyperneoliberal apparently, because I prefer tax credits to an increased minimum wage.

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  1. Thats a good point, the minimumum wage discriminates against a subset of buisinesses, where pay is low, and their customers, in comparison to other buisinesses, who are not affected because pay is high.

  2. If you get together with other hyperneoliberals, can you combine into a mighty morphing megahyperneoliberal?

  3. I had a discussion with a neighbour who is very much Graun-leaning and put it into micro- terms and asked what he would pay to have someone mow his lawn.

    But he still didn’t get it, because “but businesses can afford it”.

  4. If the minimum wage means getting your lawn mown costs £14 then people without much money can’t get their lawn mown

  5. The ASI prefer raising the income tax threshold as a way of leaving more in the pocket of the lowly paid. I think i go with the logic versus higher state payments or higher min wage. A potential downside, would be the new larger wage earning non-taxpayers are less likely to vote for the belt-tightening politicians rather than the cheque signing variety. Sure, I realise the level of the effect depends on the threshold level,, but i don’t haven’t seen this side of it discussed at all.

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