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In City AM:

There is, however, one matter on which I agree with the embassy: the French health care system is indeed better than the NHS. This is why we’re copying it, of course. It has multiple providers, all competing to service the needs and desires of consumers, exactly as Smith would have the entire economy work. The real oddity is that France needs to make the rest of its economy like its health care system, while Britain needs to make the NHS more like its economy.

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  1. The Parisian taxi driver stitchup is hilarious, but on a serious point it has a chilling effect on innovation which extends way beyond this dispute. would you risk all as an entrepreneur in France, knowing that not only will you be taxed to smithereens but also that your competitors can strong-arm the State into protecting your competitors?

    No chance.

  2. A French mate of mine closed his software business down in Paris, letting 30 people go. Then he moved over here, brought six Frenchies with him and took on a dozen Brits (and counting).

    His old offices are (apparently) still unlet two years later.

    His family are old school French leftists and have excommunicated him; though his sister does still allow him to pay the rent on her flat in Biarritz, and his parents still take advantage of the flights he provides each New Year to his villa on Ibiza; oh, and they all use his chalet in Val d’Isere, too.

    Apart from that, excommunicated he is.

  3. I’ve found taxis in Paris at night time to be astonishingly cheap compared to say, London. Probably for this reason, a taxi at night time in Paris is almost impossible to find. The one which I thought cheap came after a 20 minute wait on the side of the street.

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