Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Peeps do seem to have a problem with competition and monopoly at times.

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  1. I suspect the perception is that if a lot of people are competing fiercely then it must be an important area; all competitions end with a winner so we’ll end up with a monopoly; a monopoly in an important area is a bad thing. So we must forestall that monopoly by creating an open-source monopoly which isn’t controlled by any one company. Any organisation based on open-source software is of course ipso facto good.

    Or, put another way: if The People create something, Big Business will be prevented from creating it and using it to oppress The People.

    I see a few flaws here, but then I don’t have the proper faith in the power of open-source, crowd-source, anti-corporatism so I can be safely ignored ;-).

  2. Yes, google is pretty ubiquitous and nothing wrong with building alternatives. But ,agree, some of the justifications aren’t that strong. What if your OS project is a success and you blow everyone out of the water? You have replaced the known agenda of an ad company, that wants to show you things you might want to buy with the slightly more opaque agenda of a guy in a bedroom with lots of free time.

  3. In that case, you very quickly replace the agenda of the guy who used to be in a bedroom but now has a lot of cash to spend with that of the proud new ad company owner of the OS project… 🙂

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