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  1. And yet he is a moron. As evidence I offer this from his blog yesterday evening:

    Title: “Just ask yourself the question: would you like to live in a more unequal country?”

    He then produces a map with three (just three) colours showing three grades of inequality in different countries.

    I offer: “According to this map the UK is more unequal than Hungary, the same fascist-run Hunagary you exposed so brutally a months months back. So I suppose the answer to your question is ‘Yes please, I would'”.

    To which he responds: “So facism appeals to you does it? Please do not call again”.

    He refused to publish my follow up.


  2. Ironman

    It seems from the comments on that blog that Mr Equality has the most expensive house in his postcode, more than double the value of 75% of those in that postcode and one of the most expensive 4 bedroom houses in the entire town!

    See here: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2014/01/23/just-ask-yourself-the-question-would-you-like-to-live-in-a-more-unequal-country/#comment-area

    And when the suggestion is made that equality and social cohesion should inform his thinking about where to live, he says it is entirely his and his wife’s decision. To hell with society – doncha know he is an important man who needs an expensive house. Discussion on the topic will desist!

    And he suggests that he plans to use the principal place of residence loophole on capital gains tax – despite using it as his place of business.

    The man is a complete hypocrite.

  3. Yet he’s quite comfortable living in the richest house in Downham Market, which he himself describes as a poor part of Norfolk.

    It seems he’s very comfortable indeed with living in a very unequal way in an unequal country.

    (Further down the thread, he did admit that he’d read your comment wrong, Ironman)

  4. He acknowledged it only after I had posted it on here and after somebody else pointed it out to him. I had in fact pointed it out to him earlier and he simply refused to print that.

    Too late.

  5. Adrian,

    PPR’s not a loophole, it’s a deliberate relief.

    There’d only be any exploitation of it if he has been treating (part of) the property as a business asset but still claims the PPR exemption on the whole. If he claims a use-of-home allowance then that’s not a problem.

  6. We have rather moved away from Tim’s central point, his examination of cash hoarding by corporates. Personally everything he says regarding US corporates keeping stores O/S makes perfect sense. I’m not sure, however, whether US corporates are the whole story; I am sure there are cash hoards under UK corporates for example. Since the removal of charge on dividends from non-UK subsidiaries, tax hasn’t really been able to explain this. So I am left feeling that Tim has provided a part, but only a part, of the explanation.

  7. The point I made on my blog was that it wasn’t clear to me why the man who describes tax compliance as “right place, right amount, right time” would expect profits earned outside the US to be taxed within the US.

    It seems that he in fact believes tax compliance to be “pay more tax, regardless of what the law says or what I might have argued previously”.

  8. I see Richie uses his wife as a defense of him living inn the swishest house in Downham. He says it’s because of “what she does”.
    She’s a partner in his firm ,isn’t she?

  9. BIS, no she is a part time GP. There isn’t a GP practice listed under that address so I don’t think she operates out of their house.

    But like him, it is not possible for her to live in a £150k house because of their important social status. Mr & Mrs Equality must live in a house that is at least double the price of 75% of the neighbours.

    It does make me laugh when Rich Ritchie with the Biggest House is described as ‘Richard Murphy of Tax Research LLP’ as if there are others from Tax Research. Its just him and the spaniel and the GP wife with her qualifications in ethics.

  10. Ironman

    How many bans from the comments section for you now?


    I note you’re allowed back in now – How many times is that you’ve been asked in that uniquely offensive and condescending manner ‘please don’t call again’?

    He is the very definition of a ‘champagne socialist’ – and indeed it doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to see him stood alongside a Kim Jong-un style figure coming out with phrases such as this – truly a uniquely malign figure in British politics.:

    ‘Worstall is a traitor to the nation for all ages who perpetrated anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts in a bid to overthrow the leadership of our party and state’

  11. Van_Patten,

    He doesn’t say “please don’t call again” to me, he just says “I’m going to ban you”. But he never actually says I’m banned, and he responds the next time I comment (to call me crass, a troll, and so on), so I’m not sure what’s going on there 🙂

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