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Why is welfare to work described as a neoliberal idea when in fact it’s a social democratic one?

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  1. Because the word ‘neoliberal’ is a shibolleth. It allows economically ignorant yet shrill and opinionated leftists to identify each other, and identify who the baddies are.

    Take the improbably monikered Guardianista you link to for example: “Van Badham is a theatre-maker and novelist, occasional broadcaster and critic, feminist, bogan and trollfighter.”

    Such a creature could not, of course, exist if it weren’t for the historically unprecedented mass prosperity created by what she would describe as ‘neoliberalism’. In precapitalist societies she’d have been too busy pulling turnips out of the landlord’s fields or handwashing her husband’s shirts in the nearest river.

  2. Because they always like to put the blame on “the right”. And right wingers have an astonishing appetite for taking the blame.

    Take my own censorship obsession; the current wave of it is based on ideology and activism predominantly by leftists. Anyone bemoaning internet censorship in the future will be told “The Conservatives did that”. Because indeed, it is the Cons doing it. The capacity for useful idiocy by the right is without limit.

  3. @Ian
    Are you implying there is actually something that would call itself “the right”? There is undeniably a “left”. They’re quite happy to claim to be. But where’s the “right”?
    Let’s be honest. It’s all activism from the left. Activism from the “right” is the EDF. There’s damn all else pushing the other way. So Camoron’s internet censorship will be a reaction to left pressure because that’s the only pressure there is.

  4. But where’s the “right”?

    “The Right” is a ragbag of confused souls who do not identify as on “the Left” and whose sole reason for existence is to act as the Judy to their Mr Punch.

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