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How Womens’ Lib increased inequality.

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  1. What? No. The ratio of A:B is the same as the ratio 2A:2B. No change in inequality.

    Also, the “musculature” argument is debatable. Women don’t do muscle jobs, never did, still don’t. They do the sort of jobs that don’t require muscle, like office work, shop work, factory work, etc. Bear in mind that before prohibition of child labour, much factory work was done by youths, both male and female.

    The “musculature” argument seems to be primarily the creation of insane bigots like Hannah “End Of Men” Rosin.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    There is a nice little graph just out that shows in Sweden the risk of divorce rises with the larger percentage of household income earnt by the wife.

    So there is a simple solution – marry the pretty young secretary just out of typing school. Sure, your household income will suffer but you will be better off in the long run given the utterly ruinous cost of divorce. Your children will be happier and do better if they are raised in an intact household.

    It is true that some people will think that middle aged men should not rob the cradle, but I think that, as difficult as it may be, we have to. In the name of social justice. If we want a more equal Britain we should forgo the over-educated middle aged woman with a law degree (or God forbid a psychology degree leading to work in HR) grasping her last ditch chance to have any children at all, in favour of the nice young school leaver with an O level or two. I am sure Polly would approve.

    Although it didn’t work for Prince Charles I suppose.

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