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We free marketeers have a serious problem if 100,000 people cannot understand why holiday prices go up at half term…..

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  1. This was discussed on Any Questions a few months back and no one on the bloody panel managed to explain the simple basics. Then on Any Answers (which I really should avoid listening to for my mental wellbeing) they kep askign someone from the industry to call in and explain themselves.

    So I bit, and did.

    The bloody presenter didn’t understand either supply and demand or off season discounting, didn’t want to even try, and effectively mocked me for making points that were to me basic level stuff that GCSE economics students should understand. It’s not just 100K random citizens, it’s MPs, senior journalists and the presenters of flagship BBC current affairs programmes.


  2. The campaign should be aimed at staggering holidays throughout the country.
    Last year I went to South America for the summer holiday.
    We saved £100 per person because my son’s school started one day later than most other schools, if the school holidays could be staggered a bit (30% one week earlier, 30% one week later) the savings would be enormous.
    However people attack the travel industry instead.

  3. In France, the white week (a February school holiday for ski trips), is staggered by regions.

    Ski resorts get a month’s good steady business instead of overcrowding (with poor user satisfaction, higher risk of injury and if there poor weather in that week!!!) during one week.

    I used to take the kids to the south of Spain in a sort of half-term they had in May when normal Spanish schools didn’t.

    Top-end four star hotels at 40% capacity (i.e. busy enough to have everything up and running at a quarter of the August price. Full of nice quiet non-pushy Scandinavians (and even nice Brits) too. Weather good too!

    The UK has gone bonkers. The market is evil? Why can’t I have a cheapo when everyone wants to go?

    How difficult is it to understand. Obviously, too much for the brit-educated masses.

  4. “I choose not to take my daughter off outside of school holidays”!!!

    What choice? Homeschool her if you want choice.

    The sheer stupidity of this man boggles the mind.

  5. “She had an excuse: she’d lived her entire life under a system that was not a market economy. Quite what the excuse of those 100,00 Brits is I’m not sure. They’d all understand instincitively why pay goes up on Christmas Day. Because that’s the day that absolutely everyone wants to have off. That they can’t make the leap to why holidays might be more expensive in holiday time mystifies me.”

    But a lot of people don’t grasp that they get paid triple time on Christmas Day because so few people want to do it. They just see it from the perspective of what it would take for them to come in and do it.

  6. I’m doubtful the public don’t understand how market pricing works. I think you’re looking at another thing here. The belief that it shouldn’t be allowed to work. That certain sections or activities should be protected from it.
    Like in this case, there’s whole areas those with children should be protected from the effects of reality because of…well…think of the kiddeeez! Ideally, of course, those without children would be considerate enough not to take holidays during school holiday periods
    It’s much the same argument as safe browsing on the internet. Because they believe the internet should be a hazard free playground for their unsupervised kids, then the whole internet using community is obliged to turn it into one. Other people’s requirements are simply not valid against the needs of their sprogs.

  7. There’s nothing so wilfully stupid as a modern Briton – though in many cases it’s just base hypocrisy.

    Yesterday I was talking to a (left-wing) friend of mine who lives in a big house in a village in the north.

    A house that was built in the last 20 years, along with a dozen others on a mini exec type estate on the edge of the village, overlooking a field.

    Now the planners have granted permission for the developers to build another lot of five-bed houses on the field opposite him.

    He’s furious. ‘There’s no demand for these kind of houses,’ he reckons. ‘No-one wants to live there.’

    This is an intelligent man – he’s just a hypocrite.

    Left wing, runs his own business, send his kids to private school, AGW fanatic but flies on holiday, you all know the type.

  8. @Interested
    I do find that so very amusing.
    My father bought a house in exactly the same position, Relishing the view from the back windows & garden across open grassland. To the front was, of course, the road had that same view, before the house he proposed buying was built.
    I did suggest, at that time, to ask himself if he’d buy the house without the view & it might be wiser to choose somewhere wasn’t prospective development land.
    Twenty years later, the view is of an estate of houses almost identical to the one he owns. He is not a happy bunny.

  9. This is wonderful for Scots – our school holidays are set by local authorities, so can be anything from a week to a month away from those in England and Wales. The savings from travelling off-peak more than offset the additional cost of flying from an airport that isn’t London.

    Now, given that the London airports are overcrowded, why there should be a discount for using them in preference to Birmingham, Manchester or East Midlands remains a mystery.

  10. I think that what this really illustrates is that at least 100,000 of our compatriots were taken out of school for holidays far too routinely.

  11. Its worse than you think – over here, Washington state legislators are asking the federal government to look into why propane prices are rising as the temperature drops.

  12. @RLBH – the free market? Competition, y’know?

    In London you got BA running a hub operation and every other European full-service airline vying for transfer long-haul passengers, and 20 other global airlines taking long-haul pax direct to pretty much everywhere, and half a dozen holiday charter operations vying for cheapskate pax going to sit in chlorinated water around the med/caribbean.

    In Glasgow and such, you got what, precisely? Ruinair and Wizzbang going to Kraplice, Fuckeventura, or Vienna East (Ruzomberok), and a choice of BA or _one or two of_ KL/LH/AF/SAS/Finnair to do a transfer to where you are actually going.

    None of whom are – at those regional airports – interested in deeply discounting to chase the kind of passenger who flies at most twice a year and will only ever buy the cheapest seat they can find within three weeks of when they actually want to go.

    Plus, the cost of running the airfield op is pretty much the same everywhere, so fewer passengers have to get bilked higher departure fees. LHR for all its inherent and acquired crappiness has its economies of scale almost perfectly right.

  13. Too much Brit-bashing in these comments: willful ignorance on this point spreads far beyond our shores.

    Just reading crime novel set during Florence floods in the 60s. Our policeman hero stops a shopkeeper from selling his suddenly-attractive rainwear goods at a higher price; then he loots the shop.

    There’s no doubt that the Italian author intends us to to admire this “courageous” action.

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