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I’ve long wondered why HMRC needs a board made up of representatives of big business without any trade union, employee or civil society representation.

Well Ritchie, it’s because the board of HMRC is there to advise HMRC about big business.

Not, to give one possible interpretation of the demand for civil society representation, to allow a retired accountant from Wandsworth to impose their misunderstandings of the world on the organisation.

I am pleased to note that Margaret Hodge MP agrees.

I’m so looking forward to Hodge the Dodge actually nominating Ritchie…..

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  1. Perhaps we should start classifying Trade Unions as limited companies and their members’ subscriptions as revenue and subject to VAT. Any money left at the end of the year would then be classed as profits and taxed accordingly.

    This would then give the unions a legitimate reason to have a seat on that Board and perhaps a different view on taxation as well.

  2. I’m minded of that scene from the Sopranos where Pauli & a couple of his pals are paid by the construction company to sit in deck-chairs, drink beer & play cards.
    Sounds to me, much the same thinking.

  3. Interested
    January 17, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Civil society? Pompous twat. I bet he’s banned from his local boozer.

    ditto “community leaders”

  4. @ Interested

    Yes. Indeed. I’ve noticed he’s started doing this. ‘Civil Society’ seems to be something that people of his ilk seem to want to use in the same was as ‘progressive’.. an objectively good label to arbitrarily attach to things that they like, to passive-aggressively infer that things they don’t like are objectively bad.

    Richard Murphy has now more of a mandate to talk for ‘civil society’ than I have a mandate to talk for the Moomins.

  5. “I’m so looking forward to Hodge the Dodge actually nominating Ritchie…”

    Amazing as it might sound, she did!

    Ritchie took pleasure in pointing out to me that she had asked HMRC’s top brass (words to the effect) “why don’t you use Richard Brookes and Richard Murphy?”

    To this I replied (to the effect) “why would it use you? It has tax experts, which you will agree you are not”.

    His reply was to suggest that, yes, it has tax experts but, no, they don’t have enough practical real-world capabilities.

    So I am surprised he isn’t expressing his orgasmic approval of the business representation in HMRC. You know, bringing that real world talent he believes is so important.

    Oh and Tim, I disagree with you about Ritchie. Achieiving a turnover of £80-90k whilst being able to claim you have no IT or VAT liability at all makes you a world champion possessor of real world talents.

  6. The Fastest Bullshit keyboard in the west has been quick to comment on the Npower ‘story’, but not on the Tories proposing a minimum wage increase to £7, eh?

    Maybe the Fastest Bullshit keyboard in the west only works when the narrative is anti-tory. Surely not.

  7. Shouldn’t HMRC also have some representation from small businesses, not just big ones? Although not via Ritchie….

  8. Apparently he likes small biz.
    But I’ve stuck a comment on the LHTD’s site how comfortable he is with “civil society” including representatives from the Taxpayers’ Alliance & the tax avoidance industry. being as “civil society” is a widely encompassing term (but not usually inclusive of Arnald, who isn’t) Thought of nominating La Hodge herself for the latter group but that’d guarantee the delete button.

  9. “Civil Society” = state-funded left-wing political astroturf groups.

    And I’m sure Bob Crow or Milliband’s puppeteer at Unison are just what HMRC needs. Even I wouldn’t want to inflict those two on them.

  10. The Board of the IR are shite regardless of who sits there. The “businessmen” involved are expert freeloaders and suckers at the states tit. Ritchies whine is that his gang are only mediocre freeloaders (TU hacks mostly freeloading off their members). Also, ex-top level civil service scum want lucrative “private sector” jobs and/or Directorships when they retire from “public service” not peanutty fucking jobs with Trade Unions that wouldn’t pay their bar bills never mind give them a prosperous old age. That is why they are so fond of their business buddies.

  11. @TTG ‘‘Civil Society’ seems to be something that people of his ilk seem to want to use in the same was as ‘progressive’.. an objectively good label to arbitrarily attach to things that they like, to passive-aggressively infer that things they don’t like are objectively bad.’

    I’ve previously made the (not startlingly original) points that

    1) The Left are trying to control the language, because whoever controls the language controls thought and action*


    2) They are all terribly dishonest.

    *Which is why we (ie the non Left) keep losing battles in the media etc with them by trying to argue on the facts.

    A long time ago, I advised a mate of mine who was then high up in the Tory party (spit) that they should not use the term ‘New Labour’, because all it would do is allow ‘Labour’ to repudiate the works of ‘New Labour’ when the time came.

    They broke it, they own it, sort of thing.

    He ignored my advice. (It’s my cross to bear.)

  12. Tim, please stop being so nice; you are giving me nightmares! I am seriously disturbed about this guy. Ever since you wrote that he is likely to be part of a future Labour government I have been planning my escape. Please please step up your fisking of this twat. He must be stopped.

  13. That’s interesting. No amazing.
    I actually got a response from the LHTD on who he wants on the board.

    “there has to be a qualification test showing commitment to the cause”

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