And I am back at Forbes

Now in the Op/Ed department to talk about economics and finance rather than going on about tech stuff.

In this first episode, riffing off Bryan Caplan about whether the welfare system subsidises workers or employers.

In the UK it’s that everything except tax credits goes to the worker, while some part of tax credits probably does go to hte employer. But there’s a twist to it as well!

5 thoughts on “And I am back at Forbes”

  1. this question is like tax incidence – to really answer it, empirically, you’d need to be able to run experiments with countries, to answer it theoretically, you’d need a complicated general equilibrium model of the sort that nobody is convinced by (because they are simultaneously far too simplistic to capture reality and far too complicated to follow). So we are left with verbal reasoning. You make a decent fist of it, but I think we’d both attach a fairly high probability to the (unknowable) truth differing.

  2. @Tim: Maybe this time you should keep your mouth shut about your blog earnings on Forbes huh? 🙂

    Since you have now returned to Forbes, I have reinstated their icon to my favourites bar.

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