And now we have the true reason for the obesity crisis

A new study from scientists at Sydney University has found that placing volunteers in temperatures of less than 59F (15C) for around 10-15 minutes caused hormonal changes equivalent to an hour of moderate exercise.

Excellent. Given that the average UK home would have been below 15 oC a generation or two ago (outside that one room with the coal fire in it) and given that the average UK home is now above that temperature throughout we now have our cause of the obesity crisis.

So we can tell all those people bleating about sugar and fast food to bugger off, can’t we?

10 thoughts on “And now we have the true reason for the obesity crisis”

  1. Alternatively, we can now be told to turn the thermostat down because heating makes you fat and causes global worming.

    Always amazes me (actually, not) how light greens bang on about (other people) flying, when heating the house is for most people the single biggest cause of carbon emissions. In fact, a very rough back of the envelope suggests you ‘d have to do an awful lot of flying to emit more carbon that way than from heating your house.

    Must be just that jealousy thing again.

  2. There is no ‘crisis’. The moment you even give that concept intellectual house room you have conceded over half of the ground.

    The ‘crisis’ relies on dishonest conflating of ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’ numbers into one figure, and a ridiculous assumption that a trend line, which has actually been falling for some time, will instead rise inexorably for the next 30,40,50 years.

    It really is a classic of Public (Marxist) Health misdirection and dishonesty.

  3. @ BiG – If we get on the that issue then one might have to point out the wastefulness of AGAs, which might cause a few blushes at Guardian Towers.

  4. Wot Rob said cannot be said often enough. What to do about the obesity epidemic?… reject the damn premise!

    65% of adults are ‘obese or overweight’ y’know. There’s a great technique for proving the quantity of bullshit contained in that stat… open your eyes.. and if you’re anywhere other than in a weight watchers meeting you’ll spot the deliberate mistake.

  5. Oh Tim you missed it!

    Obesity linked to Manmade Global Warming new research suggests.

    It’s worse than we thought… yikes!

  6. That’s just put some statistical proof to the strong suspicion that a lot of us have had for a while.
    If you live in the Arctic you can eat thousands of calories a day and still slim down. Do the same in the Mediterranean region and you’ll have a bit of a tum.
    And yes, a good bit of synergy. Turn down the thermostat, shed the jumper; save money, reduce CO2 (not that I care actually) and get lighter but not fitter. For that you will have to exercise.

  7. How things change. It used to be that if ‘calories in’ were more than ‘calories out’ you got spare calorie storage.
    Now it has gone all scientific. Thats progress.

  8. “If you live in the Arctic you can eat thousands of calories a day and still slim down.”

    In Arctic and Antarctic it is standard medical knowledge that the cold massively increases calory requirements. No, not just for the people hauling sledges across the ice – for people doing normal jobs as well.

  9. Hmm, so warm blooded animals have to burn more fuel to keep their blood warm when its cold. Who would have thought that?

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