But, but, doesn’t everyopne want to live next door to George Monbiot?

A couple are offering a £1,000 ‘reward’ to anyone who helps them to sell their 116-year-old converted chapel through social media.

Eden and Lizzi Sutcliffe, who have lived in the property at Corris, near Machynlleth, mid Wales, for more than seven years, became frustrated when they received only one viewing after placing the £199,000 property in the hands of an estate agent last September.

Surely there
are hordes of Guardianistas who would like to live next to the Great Man?

23 thoughts on “But, but, doesn’t everyopne want to live next door to George Monbiot?”

  1. Try dropping the asking price.

    But, but that would deprive them of some of the increase in value of the house, which as everyone knows is a fundamental human right.

  2. If you can’t sell, aren’t you supposed to try lowering the asking price, or something? Or am I hopelessly old fashioned?

  3. @Rob & Ian
    I heard this in a conversation a while ago.

    “We’d like to move. Our house is worth €250,000 but we can’t sell it for more than €160,000”

    What can you say?

  4. Actually, I can answer my own question on that;

    “I know. It’s robbery, isn’t it. They just take advantage of you. How much did you buy it for?”


  5. I have this old chair, one leg is slightly broken. I want £100 for it. Why oh why can’t I sell it? What is wrong with people?

  6. Ian Fleming used to live in a converted chapel in Ebury Street, round the corner from my flat in Pimlico. I get the impression that living near to the creator of 007 was more of a blast than living next to a man who wants the UK countryside to revert to how it was in the Pleistocene Era.

  7. Maybe this episode might remind Moonbat about the downsides of taxes on land and property, as championed by the sort who typically read the Groan. The ironies!

  8. ‘…he’d probably murder your sheep.’ Well at least he wouldn’t shag ’em (he’s not Welsh is he?)

  9. Yes, 0.5% commission looks like exploitation to me.

    Surely the House Agents’ Guild ought to set a minimum commission and drive out these unqualified blacklegs?

  10. They’ve worked hard to earn that unearned house price windfall. They are probably a “hard-working family”.

    The Government should support “hard-working families” by guaranteeing the sale of a house at the asking price.

  11. I salute them for their canny marketing: getting a mention in both the Daily Mail and in Tim’s blog. There’s no need to reduce the price if (a) they’re not desperate to sell and (b) they can achieve the full asking price just with clever gimmicks.

  12. I wonder what it would be like having Mongbiot as a neighbour. I picture a dark, cobwebby sort of place where flowers won’t grow and there is a nagging sound of an unseen child softly weeping just at the edge of hearing.

  13. Given a choice of well-known Guardian writers as a neighbour, I think I’d rather pick George Monbiot over the others. At least he seems a bit open-minded.

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Tim’s commentariat is a well-traveled lot, it must be said. Also mostly blokes rather than blokettes.

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