Oh Dear God, he’s spawned has he?

It’s important for our politicians, not only to back enlightened parental policies, but also stick to them themselves. Let Ed Davey have his paternity leave in peace, argues Cathy Newman

7 thoughts on “Oh Dear God, he’s spawned has he?”

  1. Davey should stay at home for good and send the baby in to work. Even if it just lies there and shits itself, it will be a better Energy Minister than he is.

  2. Now that he has a vested interest in the future perhaps he will ensure the lights stay reliably on and the future tax payer is not being skinned to subsidise vested interests?

  3. Under any sensible policy the benighted brat would be ripped off him and have its brains dashed out against a rock.

    That would be more or less in parenting terms what the poor little beggar’s loathsome parent is inflicting on the UK economy.

  4. Ah… that would explain why the invisible George Eustace materialised from the nth dimension to appear on Moonbats “back to 500BC and pelicans ” Panorama – sheessh – I was wondering

  5. Cuffleyburgers,

    How about we combine Mr Ecks suggestion and yours? Dash Ed’s brains against the rocks (well, if you can find any) and send the baby to work?

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