An al-Qaeda instructor killed himself and 20 of his pupils when he accidentally set off a car bomb during a bungled training session in Iraq.

Reminds me of the Irish lad who set off his bomb on his lap while in a bus…..

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  1. I thought that the IRA bomb that went off was because MI5 had discovered the radio activation codes and had then fitted vans to broadcast said codes?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    One of the little stressed problems of the world of terrorists is the lack of trust in the people you work with. I mean, how do you know you can trust everyone else? Remember the PLO used to send people out with bombs they said had a two hour timer, but in fact didn’t. Involuntary suicide bombing. The Afghans can be pretty brutal to their suicide bombers who, it is said, they buy and sell.

    These people just found a small competence issue. They should consider themselves lucky. Although admittedly, as they queue up at the Gates of Paradise looking for an eternity of nookie (wouldn’t that get boring after a couple of millennia?) they are going to feel downright stupid compared to all the other martyrs and will, no doubt, have to put up with a lot of hazing over the next million or so years.

  3. I thought that one on the bus (Aldwych IIRC) was because when setting the bomb timer he’d forgotten the small detail of it being on a twelve hour clock? Of is that just another ‘thick Mick’ myth?

  4. I could post up a bunch of gags ripped off from Ahmed the Dead Terrorist, but you’re better off looking it up yourself on YouTube.

  5. There are a few lovely videos about showing a very Inshallah regard to the safe handling of explosives. Not just from the terrorist side but also from our local allies.

    The Iraqis thought nothing of giving an unexploded bomb or shell a kick or whacking it with a shovel. Idiots. Who often suffered for it. Usually very briefly.

    The Afghan National Army will (certainly used to) go and pick up a IED and take it to “safety” and get on with the patrol, rather than wait for the Felix call sign to arrive. Brave and certainly not hampered by H&S considerations. Possibly dumb but much less dumb than the Iraqis.

  6. Anyway, how many houris do they qualify for in heaven? Or will Allah be a bit pissed off at their premature detonation?

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Costa Rica – “It’s raining men, hallelujah.”

    Or at least bits of them.

    Some of these stories must be fake though. Sure, you might blow your hands off making bombs, getting a nice shiny pair of hooks instead, but some of these stories must be disinformation or something.

    Like the very nice one of the Islamic cleric who was asked for a fatwa by a young, would-be suicide bomber. Who wanted to hide his bomb anally and asked if it was permissible to have homosexual sex in order to stretch it out and allow a larger device. No way I believe that one.

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