The Mark of Fair Tax

How excellent, Murphy Richards has launched the Mark of Fair Tax.

On this page I shall be listing the businesses that have succumbed to the media furore created by me and sought a sign of warding for baying mobs. UK Uncut shall not be laying siege to these businesses’ premises.

This is because all the businesses listed below have agreed to pay the sums of money to me that I have determined are due in order for me to certify them.

So without further ado, here are the certifiable businesses*:

Guardian Media Group

I look forward to receiving your business.

The whole site is a joy. And do not accept cheap imitations…..

6 thoughts on “The Mark of Fair Tax”

  1. “Stemcor”

    Hang on – isn’t that one of the companies a certain MP is involved with while herself dodging tax by putting their shares in a tax shelter so she (or her survivors) doesn’t have to pay the “proper amount of tax”?

    Inquiring* minds etc.

    I have no comment to make on Auto Trader.

    * Or enquiring. Thought the former was punnier…

  2. I hope we can assume that Murphy Richards will not be offering to do the verification work for his Tax mark on a split fee basis with sub-contractor accountants doing all the actual work.

    It seems from his blog comments that the impostor Richard Murphy is offering to do this for his inferior version of the same? Christ in a muddy sink-hole.

  3. Christ, now he’s joined the Mafia.

    A Chartered Accountant running a protecction racket, jeez, What are they doing in Milton Keynes?

  4. How are the loss-making fiddlers (a tremendous string section they have to be sure) at the loss-making Guardian worthy of a “We are not tax “cheats”–oh no we are not!” award.

    Even a idiot like Murph can’t be that far out of touch surely?.

    Well…I guess I answered my own question.

  5. And, after PJH realised, the heffalump trap was clearly reset.

    Murphy Richards is not an out of touch idiot. He leaves that to his pale imitation (well, he would be pale. He lives in Norfolk.)

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