This interesting, don’t you think?


Coming as it does while Forbes considers whether to retain my services…..

14 thoughts on “This interesting, don’t you think?”

  1. The Andreessen, eh?

    I noticed his shout to Omidyar. Now wondering what a Worstall-Greenwald publication could look like…

  2. I miss you @ Forbes. I’m only 1 but I went to Forbes daily to see what you have to say and while there read some other stuff. I don’t go anymore. You can send this to Forbes or, if its of any value, tell me where to write.

    And, I’d like you to think a bit more on your robots economy & jobs as there will certainly be both. I’m a mathematician, not quite as smart as Ulam, but. . .

  3. Slightly off-topic but googling “worstall” used to give this blog as top result – now it doesn’t appear at all. Have you been blocked?

    Tim adds: Think so, yes.

  4. This blog is fourth result in Bing.

    Haven’t used Google in a while now. Turns out it’s enormously non-essential.

  5. Worstall was the only thing I ever read on Forbes. And yes, daily.

    So, uh, what with all the money I have (not) that means they should unfire you, or something,

  6. Using ixQuick (a search engine that doesn’t track your IP), ‘worstall’ returns: 1) Worstall Wiki entry, 2) Worstall Telegraph blog, 3) This site

    Google is getting very evil.

  7. Whoa, some fledgling conspiracy theories about Google floating around here.

    There’s little point in comparing rankings on Google. That algorithm that they use to rank sites and pages? They have more algorithms to sort results based on the user and an assortment of related factors. This contributes towards creating a ‘filter bubble’ for users.

    Where someone is saying that Forbes is listed top, I’m seeing Tim’s Twitter feed listed top. That suggests to me that someone searched for ‘worstall’ on, whereas I’m searching on

    If I go incognito, it’s followed by the Graun, then Forbes, then Wikipedia.

    It shouldn’t be utterly unexpected that Forbes tops some results. It’s a content farm, of sorts, that pays out quite well to contributors. Don’t be too surprised that some people will be working in the interest of getting Forbes’ domain and content shared and linked to.

    Not seeing any of appearing on first page listings is somewhat surprising, however. The Robots.txt file is fine. A backlink analysis may be in order, to see if there are any bad link neighbourhoods in his link graph (I’m doubtful, but worthwhile nonetheless, to discount it). I am left wondering if the site is being punished for the paid links on the site. That would be my assumption after a brief look. That kind of situation can always be recovered from, which is good news.

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