This tells me then

I think the implication is that Tim Worstall may not be familiar with what actually happens in the UK

I think that a generous suggestion

I do not think he is familiar with reality or the human condition let alone the nature of human relationships or he could not write the revolting blog for which he is responsible

Guess who?

13 thoughts on “This tells me then”

  1. The classic conceit of the Left : that they’re simply better people and that anyone who disagrees with their ideology, for ideology it is, must be evil. This is the mindset that leads to the Gulag and the ‘Re-Education’ camp.

  2. Ritchie hates trolls. This much has been made very clear to me recently.

    Ritchie hates trolls because, amongst other crimes against all accepted norms of decency, they engage in ad hominem attacks against those engaged in serious debate. This Ritchie, quite rightly, wishes to stamp out.

    But aside from that, Tim Worstall drinks the blood of children in his dungeon in Portugal.

  3. This is the same Ritchie who made a post last week saying that GB national debt is illusory and doesn’t require repayment, and 30 minutes later makes a post saying that the tax gap should include tax paid late as increases debt requirement and interest cost to the treasury?

    I’ll live with not following his views of reality

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I think the most annoying facet of Murphy is this de haut en bas sneering coupled with the fact that the man is utterly, fathomlessly clueless about each and every issue on which he purports to be an expert. Arrogance from a genuine expert is annoying enough, but from a cretin like Murphy it’s insufferable. He’s a supercilious know-it-all teenager trapped in the flabby carcase of a middle-aged nebbish.

  5. Ritchie’s denouncing of rivals on the other side of the political spectrum has echoes of the propoganda spewed by the world’s most curajus state – North Korea.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a little tantrum and disables all comments (except those from registered sycophants), in the process labelling everyone else slightly to the right of him “human scum”.

    Keep up the good work, Tim. You are exposing quite nicely the intellectually bankrupt.

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