Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI:

Economic freedom makes you fat. Hurrah!

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  1. Why this obsession with something ‘gets called ‘fast food’ but’s actually a subset of fast food based around certain American tastes.
    There’s hardly an urban culture on the planet doesn’t have some form of grab & go cuisine. It’s actually more common amongst the poor in poorer cultures because the ingredients element of a meal is so much more of a cost than the labour. It’s more cost effective to buy prepared than cook oneself.
    So they go for hamburger rather than fallafal? So what? Somebody under the illusion all food from faraway places is healthy eating & good for you? The’ve never eaten chilli & tortillas then.
    Whole argument’s based around the atypical anglo-saxon meat & two veg sit-down. And the atypical anglo-saxon notion, it’s a sign of affluence to be thin. Chinese have a brand of tinned foods called “Fat Boy”. And boy is the kid on the label a porker.

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